Roof Valley repair

I have a standard simple shingled roof, the roof was done about 8-9 years ago the shingles are in great condition. The problem I have is the Valley. The roofer used aspfault instead of metal valley’s. The valley’s need to be replaced is this a job I could do myself? Or should I leave this job for a proffesional? I have a little bit of experience w/ roofs, but I have no idea how to attack this job. I had a company quote the job they want about $950.00. The valley’s are about 25 ft. in length there is two of them. I forgot to add the main problem I have is the vent pipe is less than a foot from the valley and I have had leaks there. This is the main reason I want to replace the valley’s. please help. I would love to tackle this job myself $950 is a lot of money for me to spend! I know the materials wouldn’t be much.

That’s a very cheap price IMO, if the company is reputable I’d let them do it. Stay home and watch if you want to tackle the next one.

That price is in Canadian funds! Why what would a quote normally be? Is this really a difficult job to do?

It’s not a “difficult” job but it is a time consuming one. The biggest pain is taking the valley apart nicely. For 50’ of valley replacement 950.00 is a excellent price where I live. Shingles that have been on the roof for 8-10 years are going to be sealed very well and can be a real pain to get up without putting tears in material that is not getting replaced. Think of it as changing U-joints on a car. I can and have done it myself, it’s not hard, but I will damn well pay someone else to do it if possible because it’s a huge headache.

So if I get this company to do it what exactly should he do for me? Just so I know he isn’t going to cut any corners? In terms of material used underlay etc.

could someone also let me know in a brief description, what would be the steps I would take if I decided to do this myself? I just need a general idea as to the procedure’s I would take. Please let me know, this would help a lot in making my desion wether to do it myself or hire someone.


Make sure they use metal this time.

that’s for sure!

1 start from the top of the valley remove about 2 feet of shingles on both sides of the valley one nail at a time.
3 neatly cut back the old paper.
4 install ice sheild long ways up the middle of valley starting from the bottom under existing paper
5 install valley flashing with over lap at sectins staring from bottom
6 reinstall shingles in reverse any new mathing as close as possible
7 pray

on a walkable roof a good roofer should take a good long day. but if you do it wong the damages are your problem.

This guy mentioned doing it in 6 hours?
@ the peak of the roof where it gets narrow do I remove the peaks in order to get the metal flashing in? I hope this makes sense?

“This guy mentioned doing it in 6 hours?”

He will. You won’t.

“@ the peak of the roof where it gets narrow do I remove the peaks in order to get the metal flashing in? I hope this makes sense?”

SOmeone said remove aprox 2’ on either side of the valley. Whatever is encompassed in that area, yes, it needs to come up. I’m going to assume here that your 2 valleys meet at the top and that’s what you’re describing. We call “the peak”, a ridge.

You’re biggest problem in attempting to undertake this project yourself will be to seal the area where the 2 valleys intesect at the top. Normaly we use copper which you can solder (if you know how). I imagine for 950.00 he is using galvanized metal or aluminum. I’ve seen people solder galvanized but aluminum must be caulked. I feel much safer joining 2 pieces of copper.

could go into a little more detail w/ what you are talking about? Or if you had a drawing would do wonders. I have an idea as to what your saying, but does the flashing actually overlap to the opposite side of the roof? how to are you able to get the flashing to sit flat @ the ridge? need some more detail if possible. This is great info. definitely getting a better of an idea as to how this works. But from your comments it almost sounds like I shouldn’t bother and get a professional? Am I right?

A man needs to know his limitations. not only do you have to be handy but you are going to be working in an unfriendly enviroment. just spendind 2 days sitting in a valley sucks. after your done removing the 500 nails or so you will have no skin on your knuckles and you wont be able to feel your legs. I dont know what you do for a living but jumping up on a roof and removing a valley takes more than most people think. the worst thing that could happen is to start this and not be able to finish. i can name my price when you need me there to fix some mess you got yourself in to.

by the responses I am starting to lean toward hiring someone, unless there is someone out there who can tell me different.

get yourself a big brolly inside the house youll be fine

i often encourage to do it yourself.

valleys? no.

get one done and then maybe do the next yourself.
and thats a big maybe.


just to give you an idea on price…i just sold 25 feet of valley replacement doing a closed cut for $2800 U.S. dollars

Thanks for everyones info, it seems a Professional it is!