Roof Vent Replacement - Which brands are weatherproof?

I recently purchased a home in Michigan and I am currently working to finish the upper level which was unfinished. Much to my dismay, during the first snow storm of the season, which was accompanied by high west to east wind gusts, I found that it was literally snowing in my upstairs thanks to the currently installed roof vents. I would watch as every time a strong gust of wind came through, the built up snow around the sides of the vent would be blown right into the house.

Doing some research, the current roof vents seem to be very low end slant back roof vents similar to what can be purchased at the big box home stores for about 12 bucks.

I’m assuming that there are better vent products available and I’m wondering if anyone has suggestions on which brands work best to block driving snow and rain?

Also, in the problem area of the roof, the pitch is between 6/12 and 7/12. Do I need a slant back roof vent or will a standard square vent suffice?

Duraflo weatherpro’s. Either the square ones or the slant back style, has baffles to defeat driving snow. Should be available where you are, probably not at a home-store.