Roof Ventilation for A-Frame

How would you ventilate an A-Frame roof with eight inches of attic space filled with insulation after a redeck with composite shingle? The soffits are closed but are not insulated.

i would have run insulation channels from soffit to ridge before decking to allow air flow,from what you say ,it sounds like you will end up w/condensation/mold/&plywood rot problems,you should only have insulation to the bearing wall(not in soffit)you should vent each rafter space at soffit ,or run the opening (continuous) thru the center from left to right,and install a good rollvent hidden ridge vent sytem, there may be alternate reccommendations based on where you live in the country-N.Y.-GOOD LUCK

Agreed with ^ reply; you can also add a powered exhaust fan if you want. GAF makes a nice solar powered unit & they also have one with a remote solar cell & power cord if the street side has the Southern exposure.

The nice part about the solar powered unit is that it’s active venting as opposed to ‘static’, i.e. a ridge vent (while a great option in any regard) is going to need the build up of heated air before it will go anywhere… & without a soffit vent system, you won’t get any major assistance out of a ridge vent.

My opinion, anyhow.

I agree with ranch on this. You will have to baffle the whole area from the soffit to the ridge and add soffit vents for ridge vent to have a chance to work. If the home is not able to support the ridge vent because of lack of soffits Regular cans might be a better answer than ridge vent. On cathedral ceilings i try and stay away from ridge vent due to the pulling of all the plywood and adding the baffles. Alot of homeowners dont understand nor want the added costs that are included in the ridge vent install. No matter what i say they stick there nose up at another 500 dollars when joe blows company is just going to stick it on without properly installing it. No matter what is done for some reason i struggle against that specific ventilation issue with customers. I know its the money and im a higher bidder to begin with. Normally around 500 to 1000 higher to start with before the proper vent situation. Ah well sorry for the ramble.