Roof venting question

Just had a roof installed on my home. It has cathedral ceilings and insulation between ceiling and roofing from when home was built 30 years ago. Did a beautiful job on the Landmark 50yr. roof and ridge vent but installed a Cor-a-vent or smart vent across the middle of each roof surface about mid way to vent the rest. The roofer said there was no way to vent under the eaves because air could not bypass insulation and sweating would occur. Inspector at final could not think of any ideas either. Do not want dry-rot issues and voided warranty but wondering of any venting ideas so as not to have to look at venting lines across 5 different surfaces of roof. Thanks for any thoughts.


hello j.wright,
were im at you dont need ventalation.
wont nothin rott.

if your in a freezin climate, then others here will help.

good luck


Is this the first roof you are putting on the home in 30 years?

If so why would you change the venting?


Originally there was wood shake on home. Removed everything and replaced with OSB and asphalt shingle.