Roof vents water splashing up into

New metal roof and rain water is splashing up under my standard vents.Water is building up and dripping into attic.Any solutions?

ridge vents

ridge vent not an option on brand new aluminum roof

got any pics?

I was expecting you to say water splashing in is not an option on brand new aluminum roof.

why is it not an option?

Ridge vent not an option.Pictures of vent or roof?

Both would be best. Closeups and far away would help, so we can help you.

Hope these can help you help me Thanks.

you still can put ridgevent otherwise put goosenecks(they would be ugly though)

what in the hell did they cut the vent hole open with?
there foot?
and what kind of metal roof system do you have?
you said aluminum. that usually means a trailer, a carport or aluminum shingles. most metal roofs are steel, copper, or stainless.


Sometimes water lightly splashes inside the vents during large storms
usually the splash will not affect the inside.

I havent seen a vent yet that water cant get inside.
Some storms dont take no for an answer.

but vents are needed, period.

You have a very beautifull roof, btw.

I have had to install many rain diverters to stop water from splashing inside a vent, usually its where they are faced right against the beach or lake or just have no trees in sight to block a large weather system where water is blowing completely sideways and water is running uphill.

The roof is aluminum by Classic I am satisfied with the look and product other than this vent issue.Is there or can I use a highly porous foam insert?

The water is building up behind the vent and leaking in?I would like to see a close-up of the flashing detail around the vents.The rear of the vents might have to be extended with ice and water shield,like a backpan.Just a thought :?

ok i finally looked at all the pics, and yes it is alum shingles.
good luck.


That plastic vent will die long before you need a new roof. Your roofer should have installed ridge vent or at least aluminum slant back vents

Oh boy.

thats what i did , seems to be working just aluminum bug screen

Plastic vents are junk. I prefer Lamnco 750 box vents, they are metal. I have never had issues with them on any pitch of roof. Those plastic ones will not come close to the life of that roof, I would suggest having them changed out