Roof warranty nightmare

My roofer , failed to give me the manufacturer warranty, because he wanted last payment without providing me with the warranty paperwork.
after the issue started I investigate him and found out, that he is not even licensed. He used his uncle Licence. As far as I am concerned I only need my paperwork, however he disappeared. I filed the complaint with the state . Any suggestions of what else I could do ?? The companies names are very similar, however not the same , I tried to contact the uncle , not response… Telling people the history I heard this happens more often than we think . Unfortunately I didn’t know , now I stuck with a $17,000 project and not warranty…

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Haha, alright I can see how you feel upset and you should be. You DID NOT do your research and this is now solely on your shoulders. There is so much information available online regarding fraudsters and the steps you should take researching any contractor prior to engaging them to work on your home. For goodness sake, the damage has been done and unless some miracle happens, what do expect as the outcome? These scam artists are everywhere and they are on the news all the time.

Start with this, what steps did you take in selecting this contractor in the first place? Price? Was he doing another job around the corner and could fit you in? What was it and why did you not research someone asking for $17000 from you? Did you have a signed contract of which you were given a copy? Did he check out with your local regulator to verify the existence of his business? Was he bonded and insured?

The sad truth is you were taken. If you were the first, you may get some sympathy but this happens so often that it’s almost comical how people keep falling for this.

We see these scammers come and go all the time and they do nothing but do harm to our business. You know who contributes to that harm? Homeowners who were unwilling to do their research.

I still suggest you get drunk in appreciation for the education you got.
You really should be talking to a lawyer, or a biker gang, and not to roofers who have to deal with this nonsense daily.


If you know where the material came from, you might be able to get a lead on him there. Then stalk him till you find where he lives. It gets dark every night for a reason… You should be able to get material only warranty regardless.

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Go get your paperwork from the roofing supply house.
That is where he would get it.
Then contact the manufactuer and get started.
They might satisfy you.

But if you are already asking them to get a new roof,
No, that is not happening.
Not now, not ever…

Roofing shingle Manufacture warranties are a complete joke.
Your warranty is with your roofer.
The license holder, he is the one responsible for your written workmanship guarantee.


What shingle manufacturer? If its just the shingle manufacturing defect warranty you are concerned about, unless it’s an extended warranty like GAF Silver Pledge or CertainTeed 5 Star, you can register for most manufacturers standard warranties online. If you are talking about a workmanship warranty from that roofer, that’s a whole other kettle of fish.

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I always provide my customers with the manufacturers warranty and a guarantee thwt the application meets or exceeds th3ir specs and I register it with the manufacturer, all this is done in writing. Leaves no ?.