Roof with no fascia and wide soffitts

We recently purchased a home that had a shake roof originally. The current asphalt shingles hang off the roof by about an inch, there is no fascia board, and the soffitts come directly back parallel to the ground to the brick siding which is about a 2 foot span. Basically just a triangle shape. Is it possible to put gutters on a roof shape like this where there would be no fascia board to lean against or any other support behind the gutters?

Yes, the gutters could be hung by roof hangers. Same as with most old homes where the fascia is perpendicular to the roof.

ditto slave.


A gutter installer informed me the roof is called a knife-edge roof. He said in order to mount the gutters a 2x4 would be placed face down under the edge of the eaves with another 2x4 perpendicular to that to form a “false” fascia (nothing behind it) to support the back of the gutter. His gutter business is the oldest one in town—since 1976.

pics would be helpful

Oldest in town? Time to teach the old dog some old tricks. We roof hang gutters all the time. My house has it. A victorian style with large mouldings at the eaves.

You want to be sure the straps are placed under the roofing if possible. Use winds straps to keep the gutter from swinging in the wind and fatiguing the hangers. Its a piece of about 1" wide metal (same material as gutters) that wraps from the top front of the gutter, down the face of the gutter, and secured to the soffit.

In your opinion, what kind of wind can a setup like yours take? We have the highest average windspeed in the US here at almost 14mph. Not uncommon to see gusts of 50+ on a weekly basis.

FWIW, he is also the only business I’ve contacted so far. There are two other established businesses that I know of.

Depends on how long your gutter lengths are.

We don’t have the highest winds in our area but I’ve got wind turbines all around me.

If wind straps are installed no more than 15-20’ apart the gutter is very solid.

Where are you located? Are there similar houses in your area? Take a drive sometime and see how the neighbors are installed. I guess if he’s been in business since 76 they may all be done his way.