Roofer claims that flashing done right, I don't think so Opinions Please

Hired a company to put on new roof. A mix up sent a competitor on my roof after the new roof went up and he says that the he has never seen anything like it EVER. So I had a neighbor who is a roofer look at it and he said WTF. I took pics and contact the roofer. He says there is nothing wrong and that he is disappointing that I would believe the words of a competitor that is just mad that they didn’t get the job. So I just want to get some non-biased opinions before I start demanding that he fixes it. He is a certified installer for certain-teed and is licenced and bonded. oh, well I guess I can’t upload a pic that is pointless.

It would help if you post some pictures so we can see what you think is wrong.

I have tried it just says I can’t post because I am a new user. Do you know how to get around that?