Roofer Damaged gutters...reasonable resolution?

Hello just had my roof replaced, hail damage insurance claim. 9/12 pitch 51 sq.

The roofing company is reputable and has been very professional all along despite being very busy with recent hail storms. after the crew left we noticed that the majority of our LeafGuard gutters were deeply scratched, especially in the valleys, and longer faces of the home. I guess they did not do anything to mitigate the trauma to the gutters during teardown.

I immediately let the contractor know and he would like to try touch up paint from leafguard. Does this seem reasonable? Should they be brought back to a closer condition to the pre roofing condition?

What is the industry standard? Do not want to push to hard if it is seen as unreasonable, just dont want to accept damage to a very expensive gutter system.


The only solution that I see is to have the contractor replace them. If the contractor paints them you are going from a maintenance free material to something that requires a coat of paint every few years or so.

The contractor GL insurance should take care of replacement.

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Are the scratches visible from the ground? I assume your gutter guards are made from aluminum? If that is the case those scratches will not cause rust or premature failure. If they aren’t visible from the ground I’d leave it be but if they are a good roofing company would replace them imo.


It is not unreasonable for you to expect replacement of the damaged guards.

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they are visible from the ground, they are aluminum, they are expensive. To replace the damaged corners and runs would be in the 2-3k range(guess). Time shall tell meeting with a amanger tomorrow to test out some touch-up paint. just concerned they are trying to cut corners.

I don’t install gutter guards but I would hope those are not in the 2-3k range to replace!

they are a one piece system not just guards. the entire house was quoted at around 10k. Its a bad situatiion, but due to the high cost of the gutters, the roofers should have done something like placed 2x4’s or tarps?

Those are englert leafguard gutters. I have seen estimates that worked out to $80/ft.

So do you think it would reasonable to ask for replacement of damaged sections? Thanks?

Thanks for all of the insight! Are any of you roofers? That would bolster my arguement if my contractor pushes back.

Thank You!

Expecting them to replace those i believe is totally unreasonable.

It is a 9/12.
Absolutely no way for roofing not to hit the ground.
You were there right?

It wouldnt have happened if it was a 7/12 or lower.
I carry all my trash on the roof and throw it in the dump trailer
But a 9/12??
On 9/12 i tell my customers right up front that all trash is hitting the ground…
We are fortunate if we can keep the roofers from hitting the ground.

Do i think scratches on this is unreasonable for this particular job?? NO , a huge NO.

I think it is unreasonable to expect them to touch-up painting them also!!

God, i would be embarrased to even make that call complaining about this…
After watching those super heros do their job
You treat them like this?
Shame on you!

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thanks for the feedback. How should a 9/12 roof be replaced if it cannot be replaced without trashing the gutters? The gutters in this case have a value close to that of the roof. Is it industry standard to trash gutters on steep pitched roofs? I totally appreciate the skills roofers have and there efficiency, have no problem with shingles on the ground.

The roofers should have taken due care & caution when removing your roof it appears as though they treated the tear off like any other roof oblivious to the damage they were doing.

It is damaged like that likely because they had roof jacks in and the tear off was sliding under the roof jacks, or there could have been no roof jacks and they were just letting all the tear off fly off the roof in a wanton manner.

The tear off could have been achieved without damaging the gutter guards but it would have taken longer and would have been a deviation from there normal daily practice.

I remove those things before tear off, I run into them frequently.

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  1. Hang tarps over the gutters.
  2. Place lumber such as a 1x6 over the gutters
  3. Combination of both the above
  4. Remove the gutters

In your case, 3 or 4 would have been my solution.

Destroying guttters is not the industry standard.


It is absolutely reasonable to expect them to replace the gutters. This is property damage. Plain and simple! This is why roofers have insurance. Any roofer/contractor worth his salt could have and would have prevented this. Quality is king!

Any contractor/roofer that thinks otherwise is part of the pretender/scammer problem plaguing the roofing industry. If you can’t do the job right, just don’t do it.

However, accidents happen. That’s why we have insurance.

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My business partner/brother and I have been in the roofing industry for more than two decades. Still learn more everyday. Our company, Anderson Roofing & Home Improvement, out of Graytown, OH has been in business since 2011. We’ve had one call back in our time as a company.

So yes, I think we qualify as roofers. I think most of the people here are quality roofers. Save for one. I am sure you can guess which one. :slight_smile:

I would give our website address, but, I’m not sure if it’s against the forum rules.

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We have ran into this situation before. The problem is that a contractor cannot alert or remove the gutter guards without voiding the warranty. One customer did choose to have the company that installed then remove then and re install after rid was competed. Normally we nail a tarp on the bottom course of shingles and try our best not to damage Them.

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So contractor stopped by this afternoon, and tried some of the touch up paint, realized it was not going to suffice, and asked what it would take to make us satisfied. I understand that it will be a large expense but as reflected on this board, the only way to get them back to lifelong finish would be replacing the damaged runs. He understood, and is moving forward with that plan. thanks for the advice, Seems my contractor is one of the good ones.

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He is absolutely one of the good ones. Glad to hear your issues are being resolved.

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Your insurance company should have paid to detach and reset those gutters in order to avoid damage. They’ll usually pay around $5 to $8 a foot to detach and reset. Generally, it makes the most sense to have the gutter guard company come out, detach and store, then come back and reinstall when the roof is done.

If the insurance company did pay a line item for that and the roofer didn’t do something to protect them, shame on the roofer. If not, it is hard to hold the roofer accountable. If the insurance company didn’t pay that line item, this should be filed on the same claim as consequential damage. Most people don’t realize that. This is especially true if the insurance didn’t pay to detach and reset those expensive gutter guards. You as the Homeowner should get a quote to remove and replace the damaged gutter guards and submit it to your insurance. Demand they pay it as part of the original claim. I’m sure they won’t want to but they should and if you push hard enough, you should get paid. Perhaps they will send out adjusters then that know what they’re doing and pay this line item. Where else in the scope of loss did they pay additional for the roofer to either protect or detach & reset these gutter guards? By the way, shame on the roofer for not knowing this and insisting the insurance pay for that or having you waive the damages.

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