Roofer didn't use hip and ridge shingles

Hello. I just had my roof replaced with Owens Corning Duration architectural shingles. We didn’t notice until after the roof was nearly finished that the roofer used cut three tab shingles for the hip and ridges. The roofer has offered to remove and replace with the OC ProEdge hip and ridge shingles we were supposed to get. The three tabs don’t carry the same OC warranty, so my thought is to have them replaced. Should I be concerned with doing this? Would this increase the potential for leaks to remove and replace the hip and ridges only?

No, I wouldn’t be concerned about a potential for leaks. I would be concerned why they did that though.

Like DurRoofer said, won’t cause any leaks, but why did they try and scam you? The thing about roofs is that there are so many other factors of a roof besides the shingles. If they ripped you off with the ridge, in what other unseeable areas did they short change you? Very disturbing.
PS: Hopefully they didn’t charge you extra for the WORTHLESS material warranty. The ONLY warranty that matters is the workmanship warranty.

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Thanks for the comments. They clam it was a mixup between the office and installer. I watched a lot of the work to make sure they used the right underlayment, vents, etc… So hopefully the rest of the job is correct.

Expert roofer,
The roofer didn’t rip anybody off.

But The manufacture?
They did by making an inferior product that they won’t fix.
The generation 2 durations were supposed to fix the Generation 1s problem.
But it did not.
The sure nail strip still traps water and rots out the fasteners. With little to No improvement.

The duration line should be discontinued immediately and every customer should have their roof replaced at owens cornings expense.

Don’t worry about the cap AT ALL!!!
Worry about the shingles.

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The company used a handy man technique for the hip and ridge shingles, cheaper and inferior product, AFTER they told the owner they were using a different product. Where I come from that is called scamming the customer. I have ZERO tolerance for this, as should every self respecting contractor. They tried to pull a fast one over this customer and luckily he caught it. I am positive they will continue to do this and remedy it only when and if they get caught. Scam.

Using 3 tab cap is not good because they will leak like crazy better to use hip&ridge cap I know because I have been roofing for 38years Moses fantastic quality homeimprovement & roofing 336-4195990

bzzzzzzzzzzzzt wrong

I don’t agree with using using cut up 3 tabs for hip and ridges on an arch roof either but to say it will “leak like crazy” is completely asinine and one of the most ignorant statements I’ve heard in a while. I know that and I haven’t even been roofing (or alive) for 38 years!!!


So, since you’ve been roofing 38 years (longer than hip and ridge shingles were available), did every roof you installed leak because you had no choice other than to use cut up 3 tab?

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Right Island! Hahaha
3tabs leak like crazy" hahaha

Some manufacturers still spec 3 tab for hip and ridge, manufacturer I use doesn’t even sell a “hip and ridge” product in my market. I wish they would but I guess il just let my roofs keep leaking

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I would love to hear that poster come back and try to defend that statement but sadly I’m pretty sure we’ll never see him again.

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I agree with 4565 statement to a point in my area. Maybe not like crazy to the extent but they will cause leaks before the roofs due for replacement. Three tabs cook sitting on top of the vent where the hot are is escaping the attic. The three tabs just won’t stand up to it here in nh and in 10 15 years the cook and curl and then blow off.
I’ve been to many estimates where instead of selling a roof I end up just selling a cap job and they get another 5 10 years out of their tab roof.
I’ll see what pics I can dig up and post em out

I won’t argue that if you mix and match different products on a job it is entirely possible for one to fail before the other. That is the reason I don’t use cut up 3 tabs. If the other post was worded like yours I would’t have had a go at it. However if you simply say it “will leak” and your reason is “I know” then yes I will challenge dumb comments.

hopefully those made it through. good point island! I guess bottom line from the original post is you should use hip and ridge especially if it was sold that way.

The only leaking pic is thw one with the hip and ridge shingles

the one with a piece of hip and ridge was repaired with the hip and ridge and the rest fell off again after. The caps are significantly in worse shape than the rest of there roof. They are cracked and pulling back from the edges letting water in. also cupping allowing water to siting and travel in where hip and ridge being thicker is more resistant to this.

shingles should overlap the ridges twice
Before cap installed.
NOT cut back!!!
Hips should be lapped once.
That way if cap fails or blows off ,
the roof stays water-tight.

Unlike your picture with no underlayment at all,
I put two plys of asphalt saturated underlayment the first inches of any hip or ridge.
Note, with no underlayment at all at ridges
Hot rising air in the attic would easily burn and blister any cap shingle!

You present pics as evidence of failing three tab shingles as defective for installing over hips and ridges.
Truth is you have no idea what you are talking about.

Excellent point Roof Lover. A roof should be watertight,even if all the ridge blows off, due to wrapping of shingles. Exception being a vented ridge. Why are there so many boneheads in our trade? It’s so simple.