Roofer doesn't show?

We live in New Jersey and have recently decided to get the roof completely redone. There are several leaks so it is sort of a matter of urgency as well. I hired a local roofing company and signed a contract. The contract had an exact price and we were told about 3-4 weeks to get started on the job. Longer than we wanted but ok. 6 weeks of waiting- I called and spoke with the reception who checked and said at the end of next week they would be over. There has been some rainstorms lately so we shug off the delay. Over 2 months later, I call again, speak with the receptionist who now seems annoyed that I’m calling to verify when the work will be done. She states only one person there can give us a time frame so she would have them give us a call back. Still no one from the company has reached out to me this entire time and it’s getting close to 3 months with no estimation of when the work will occur. I’m done with this unreliable company but I don’t know what to do… Is there something I can do?

Yes. Cancel the contract and contact someone else. They have breached their contract, it is void. Further, they haven’t done any work so it really doesn’t matter. As a matter of principle, I wouldn’t let them do my work since they’ve missed all their promises and cannot communicate with you in any reasonable fashion.

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dont use that company you will be askn for trouble, any reliable company will do your roof in a timely manner, call them and tell them you found someone else, sry for your misfortune, cardinal roofing Az

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If they can’t get them there to do the roof,good luck getting them back if there’s a problem.Find someone else.

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our company always put leakers at top of list.

If you have to hassle them for their business, then you don’t want to use them. That is a VERY unprofessional way for the company to treat a customer. I say good riddance!

It would be better to cancel their contract and seek someone else.

Find yourself a contractor that won’t waste your time. There are plenty of great contractors out there, you just have to look a little harder,