Roofer installed wrong Brand / wind speed shingles

I need some advice I had several issues with my roof install. I hired a reputable roofer that had great reviews, was recommended by a friend and has been in business over 20 years. We agreed on the GAF shingle rated at 130mph winds but after they completed the job I didn’t notice until they left a stack of shingles in my driveway that they installed the OC oakridge shingle with a 110mph rating. Considering I needed a new roof due to high wind hurricane damage I told him I wanted the higher wind rated shingle. We never talked about the OC oakridge shingle. Not to mention from what I read online they were supposed to use 3 OC products for me to have a limited lifetime warranty ( which they did not - luckily I took pictures of the mess in the yard ) This is my 4th roof on the original existing decking so he advised I pay more for hand nail since my roof was fragile and this would be the last set of shingles I can get out of it. I was home after 1/2 roof was installed already and heard them gun nail my roof ( took videos )

They also added ridge vents but left the old regular vents on the roof next to the ridge vent ( was supposed to be covered he said )

One of my bathroom exhaust vents doesn’t go out the roof its about 3" from bottom of decking and they used pvc pipe ( he said it wouldn’t be pvc )

They forgot to install the drip edge they went back and did that but didn’t do the second floor since they didn’t have a tall enough ladder for that.

Shingles are curling some at the gutter line and the gray starter shingle is showing underneath in some spots.

They fell on my AC plenum and knocked it loose letting cold air enter my attic ( I have temporarily taped it with that metallic tape )

If I ask for hand nail - do they use the gun at all ?

I have everything in text / email between me and the roofer.

We signed no contract I paid nothing yet. I’m mad and trying to cool off before speaking to him and want to know what my rights are. Should I let him try to repair AC plenum or hire an AC company?

  1. No contract implies hearsay.
  2. Most laminated shingles come with a comparable standard wind warranty which can be bumped by more nails being used and an increased number of products from said manufacturer.
  3. OC’s standard warranty does not require a set number of products to be in force. The “enhanced” warranty does. I think you may have misread?
  4. Did someone write down the product to be installed on the contract?
  5. Ridge vents plus regular vents results in cross feeding. That was a bad call on part of the installer as that is ventilation 101.
  6. Did it specify in the contract that drip edge should be installed along all the eaves or only where the ladder reaches? Right … no contract.

Bob, you saved a few bucks, trusted that ethics of old still prevail in today’s economy and now you get to spend a great deal more. I’m likely to be one of the nicer posts you’ll read here … be forewarned.

It sounds like you got conned by a b.s. salesman. He likely then subbed the job out to the cheapest guys he could find.

So much misinformation. “4th roof on original decking should be hand nailed”. While hand nailing does have some advantages, that was a load of crap and just an excuse to charge you more. There is no set limit on how many times you can recover the same decking, its all just a judgment call when you are working on it.

4 layers? Does anyone even give a wind warranty for an overlay like that? That is ridiculous and why would you want that weight on your house? When you got your insurance settlement didn’t they pay for removal of all layers?

Not saying this happened, but many times, we will take a few bundles out of our trailer, or box truck and put it on the ground at the house, just to get it out of our way. I’ve had people ask me why I put that shingle on their home, only to find out, it was left overs from the previous day. Just putting that out there. In my area, Oakridge is about $74 vs a HDZ at $93

That is so true. We might have multiple trucks on a job and one roofer takes stuff out for the cleanup guys to haul away. I always give them shit about it because there should never be excess debris on a customer’s job, from another job site, even for a short time.

I don’t think he is describing 4 layers in total. I think he is saying it’s the 4th roof in the life of his house.

Ahh…that makes more sense.

What could you have been thinking to not get a contract and a scope of work? In this case, it probably screws you more than them. I wouldn’t pay them until they correct all the problems. If you have a good attorney, he would kill them in court.

I appreciate the input. I am a first time homeowner with this being my first major project. Down south we go by our word not everyone does contracts here. Lesson #1 get a contract. Lesson #2 confirm what products will be used prior to starting the job. Honestly I didn’t know I had to look at the labels. All the singles were delivered high on the roof and I couldn’t see any labels until they left a bag at my house after everything was finished. Looking at my pictures they were all pink bags the same as what was left at my house. My friend that recommended this guy had a crew of people working on his roof just a few months before he did my roof. I Only had a few guys.

If I pay for roof to be hand nailed - should they use the gun at all ?

I meet with him in a few days to go over everything.

As for the 4th roof I meant this is my 4th time a roof has been installed on this decking. He said you can’t go a 5th on the same deck I would need to replace all the plywood next time I get a new roof due to all the nails holes. It looked like starry night in some places.

There is actually common law in place covering verbal contracts. A written contract is of course better, but a verbal contract is still a contract, especially if you have texts or witnesses.

Nail guns can cause damage to some wood but that has as much to do with adjusting the pressure correctly as anything else. Hammers being used by people can also knock holes on your wood easier than a nail gun if they miss the nail. I have never heard of someone trying to charge more for hand nailing around here. Honestly most roofers nowadays would probably install the shingles worse if they have to hand nail everything.

As for the exact shingles and wind rating, that depends on the shingles weight and the nail pattern. This varies by manufacturer. You can call the local Owens Corning rep and ask him if these shingles meet the higher wind rating or check their website.

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