Roofer J, I need advice on flat roof snow removal

Roofer J, I was looking for some advice on the most efficient way to remove snow from a flat roof and what might be a reasonable cost associated with it. I have got a car dealership in stoughton and three distribution warehouses in Westwood and I am a little overwelmed. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

A snow blower would be great.(yeah right)
10 people with Plastic Shovels and 36" squeegees.

snow blowers are great, just watch out for vents and skylight etc… . we get $115. per man hour for this kind of work. been real busy with it lately.

It sounds as if snow removal might be a profitable area to investigate.Here in Springfield we have had several buildings collapse from the weight of the snow.It might be a perfect time to start canvasing since these callapses might make corps a little more aware of the consequences of the snow build up.

Does anybody know of any residential structures with pitched roofs that have collapsed?

the only ones i’ve seen are 4/12 boat houses around here,with big snowfall

Most around Springfield has been gas station Carports. We did have a section of a school cave in after the snow and ice came off a pitched metal roof onto the flat and it brought both down.

There has been well over 100 roof collapses in MA this week already. Emergency crews have been working around the clock for the last 4 days. It is a total freakshow. I only do very limited advertising and still received over 150 calls in 2 days. Lots of $$$ to be made as a roofer up here. Its not the $ from the snow removal that I as excited about as the $ from all the flat work from having untrained guys shoveling roofs off and destroying membranes all over the place.

Yes there have been some steep sloped roof colapses as well.

:smiley: try using a wheel barrel to make it easyer

We found that 12’X16’ tarps work best. Shovel the snow onto the tarps and drag it to the edge and dump. Most productive way we found. Saw other crews using large boxes lifted and dumped ny cranes.

What products can be used to assist in the ice removal without damaging the roof systems?


What products can be used to assist in the ice removal without damaging the roof systems?[/quote]


Salt? is it not damage upper surface? What,unless install heat wires in a couple hours. Just curious.

Not using a sharp metal shovel for starters. Having some respect for the roofing membrane as well as using caution around penetrarions will help a great deal.

umm salt melts ice not quickly mind you but it also doesnt damage nothing…


umm salt melts ice not quickly mind you but it also doesn’t damage nothing…[/quote]

[list=] I mean,salt leave white patine allonge the eaves,after dry[/list]

I would not recommend salt at all. but any ice melt should be washed off the roof latter on as the remnants could damage and corrode the roofing and gutters.

RooferJ how long after the snow/ice removal should the roof be sprayed of any residue?

how does salt ruin aluminum gutters?