Roofer just finished re-roof... but things look wrong?

Hello all, came here to ask a few questions about my new roof…
Just had a re-roof… Malarkey Highlander shingles on sides, and torch down on flat top of roof.
This job was performed by a reputable, experienced, roofing company. They were also not the lowest bid.

There was a foreman, but he disappeared on day one, right after showing up the first morning. They brought the dump truck, but no materials… they stripped roof to the decking, and then split… no felt, as they showed up without materials.

Second morning they show up with the wrong shingles (wrong brand and color), and as they are bringing it up, I have to point this out… and that there is a problem. They unload the torch down materials, put the wrong shingles back in the truck… say they’ll be back tomorrow with the right shingles, and then they split again… without felting the roof!

Day 3. Guys show up with correct shingles, and they get started. Later on in the afternoon I notice that the shingles in the valleys around the front door… just look awful. I brought this to their attention, and they just kinda shrugged. Too late. Also there were shiners at the top shingles where they meet the flashing at the flat top roof. They said they had to do this because their nails were not penetrating the decking at the top where there was a gap… so they had to nail below the flashing through exposed shingle.

Also, there is wrinkling/buckling - air pockets all throughout the torch top roof… and gaps in the seams, where it looks like it did not seal properly. Also look like 2 inches of overlap at seams. This all seems bad to me. Is this usual?

I called and complained to the roofing company, and was assured they were coming out to take care of any problems… well, they sent back the same 3 guys who did the work, and all they did was pop out the shiners, and used black adhesive to stick those top shingles in place at the flashing. They left behind those removed nails, and they are 3/4 inch nails… which I guess is why they may have had problems hitting decking in those spots. I believe that they nailed all of the shingles with 3/4 inch roofing nails. Wouldn’t that not be enough penetration into the sheathing with an architectural shingle?

I’ve inserted pics of what I think looks wrong. They have not been paid yet. Any thoughts? Thank you!

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Bad job. There should be no blisters/bubbles in the mod bit. The seams should be tight with a little run-out visible. If they removed the old roof to the deck, the metal is ususally removed. When they install the new shingles they run them up to the top of the roof so the metal can be installed over the shingles. By doing this, they don’t need to face nail the shingles. Oh, 3/4" roofing nails are way too short for laminated shingles, period. Personally, I like 1-1/4 or longer.

I’m sure you will get plenty of comments about the job…

As long as you have the money, they have a reason to do it right. Don’t settle for a second class job. Have the owner come out to the job personally.

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Thanks for the reply Don!

You bet I’m trying to get the owner out to comment on the job, and start talking solutions.
I have many concerns… but yes, the 3/4 inch nails are a real head scratcher. I imagine that any manufacturer warranty on the shingle will not be honored, seeing that the installer used an inadequate fastener.

What a let down…

If i remember manufacturer specs correctly, 1’-1/4" is the minimum allowed nail. Some some rare exceptions are when nailing into exposed ceilings and soffits where 1-1/4" will penetrate into view.

And what DonL already said. The top of the mansard should have ended cleanly with a metal or wood fascia/termination flashing.

if they nailed the whole mansard section with 3/4 nails you’ll probably start seeing them blow off with the first hard wind and from the picture of the valley I would say thier sticking that top row on isn’t going to last either. By the way, that is one ugly poorly done valley. The torch down looks horrible too, not sure how they managed to get those rolls in it, almost looks like the underlayment was bubbled and they just rolled over it anyway. I’m curious, how many gallon buckets of tar did they take up with them? Has to be at least two gallons just around those pipes.

Basically I agree with what Don said but when you see somthing that bad it’s hard not to want to comment on it and that looks bad.

Get some ice or snow on that mansard and its bye bye roof.That is pathetic.If the entire roof is nailed that way???.,You have some serious issues.You need that roof removed and reinstalled.IMO of course.

I have filed a defective material claim for deterioration and blistering of a mod before.The rep came out a covered the removal and application but I might not think that is the case with these bozo’s.

Are you sure that was a fastener they use?.,any chance it could have been from the tear off?

That also amazes me that people will tear a roof off of someones home.Then leave it wide open and sleep like a baby.I am nervous when a section is under felt and tarped.But to leave it bare wood?.,UNBELIEVABLE!!!

Roofmaster, oh yeah it snows up here. I’m at 6000 feet. And I agree that they did a piss poor job… all around. I’m not a roofer, but I could see that things were too off. I am so grateful for the comments, and suggestions, as I need to know what to address with the roofer, and why it needs addressing… DOn’t want to hear a bunch of “Oh, it’s fine” if that is not the case.

I agree with a removal and reinstall… as I’m thinking, jeez… how is he going to simply fix this and make it right? The mod bit looks all wrong, the valleys looks pathetic, and they used 3/4 inch nails to install the shingles.

Also wondering when the inspector will return, as the workers finally left the job card with me today… yep, they forgot it on day one. Inspector was miffed that they didn’t have it, and asked if there was any damage… I guess the workers said there was no damage, and the inspector said they could carry on.

Roofmaster, yep… pretty darned sure about the fasteners. Saw them cleaning up a coil of tiny nails this morning. After they left, I lifted up a few shingles and had a tug… sure enough, popped out easy… a 3/4 inch nail. Reason I checked was A) because they pulled nails from the top shingles and just dropped them into the yard around back, and I saw how small they were. B) The top of the shingles to the side of that door above the valley is already coming off/hanging out, as the 3/4 inch nail didn’t penetrate into the wood… and C) I watched tear off, and even went so far as to remove a few of the nails they missed when clearing the sheathing. The previous roofing nails from tear off were all 1 1/4 inch. There were plenty left out back in the dirt. All these 3/4 inchers are shiny new with wire bits still attached.

I have 2 inch thick exposed tongue and groove ceilings, and there is sheathing on top of that… so 3/4 inch nails make no sense to me.

How many nails per shingle were used on those walls?
3/4" is way to short for that install.
I guess if you can’t cut your shingle to the proper length, you should just squish it into the corner??!
I don’t do torch on, but that isn’t how the guys I know do it. lumps and no bleed out…

That and they left your roof open for a couple days, came with the wrong materials, yada yada yada.
It’s a wonder where these “reputable” companies get their reputation from…

They didn’t even have enough class, craftsmanship or care to even cut the shingles at the valley. In my opinion all they are looking for is to make as much money as they can without any regard (in my opinion). If any one in my company ever did work like they they would be fired on the spot!!! Any one who has even 1 week of experience knows 3/4" nails are too short. I wouldn’t pay, this roof will not hold up to wind, snow or ice. Also the 3/4" nails have voided any manufacture warranties. BTW Merry Christmas (boy i need a vacation, i sound miserable). I just can’t stand when people do work like this, it gives the rest of us a bad rap.

I hear ya Marshall… I know you good guys are out there, I just happened to get the short end on this one. This kind of work doesn’t give roofers a bad rap… gives careless jerk#ffs a bad rap… Here is how that valley is looking this morning… surprised?

I checked at both ends, and sure enough… 3/4 inch nails. Owner didn’t call me back yesterday, either. I get to spend the day chasing him down, and also wondering when the inspector will return… though I suspect that it’ll be after the holiday.

So, if the owner comes out, sees this work and says ‘Yeah, it’s crap… let’s start over’, do I trust him to do it? His company has completely lost my trust. I will certainly demand that the same 3 workers that did this, not return to the job… as they are not qualified, and have no business on my damn roof.


Usually I defend the roofer but in this case, lol.

I am sorry to hear for your misfortune. It looks like they used CertainTeed shingles. Contact the manufacturer and have a local representative come out and take a look and give you a professional opinion that has some “weight” behind it. Telling us your location could help in that one of us may be located near you and have a direct contact from the manufacturer.

I am not surprised to see that shingle has fallen off. Withhold payment, have the owner come out and ask him if he truly thinks this type of job is acceptable.

Taken Directly From CertainTeeds Website On How To Install Landmark Shingles
IMPORTANT: For decks 3⁄4" (19 mm) thick or thicker, nails must go at least 3⁄4" (19 mm) into the deck. On thinner decks, nails must go at least 1⁄8" (3.2 mm) through the deck.

This is also taken directly from CertainTeeds website. This applies to your roof as it is “Steep” with a pitch above 60 degrees (21/12)

Use six nails and four spots of asphalt roofing cement for every full laminated shingle. See below. Asphalt roofing cement should meet ASTM D 4586 Type II. Apply 1" spots of asphalt roofing cement under each corner and at about 12" to 13" in from each edge.

Hopefully this helps.

To the OP.,The best thing for you to do is LEAVE THE ROOF ALONE!!!.,If the shingles fall off.Take steps to protect your property.But don’t post pix of you poking around pulling etc.

Take lots of pix but refrain from lifting and pulling.It might be nothing to some but posting pix of yourself doing this could come back on you as intentional damage.

You have them dead to rights with the nails.For them to propose to go back and refasten every shingle with the proper fastener isn’t an option.All the evidence is on your roof.Lifting and pulling nails is pointless.

I am not trying to be a jerk or be disrespectful.I am trying to help you help your cause.That is a very poor example of workmanship.My daughter could roof better than that.(God I hope)

I have seen hack jobs that look better than that.At least they used the proper fasteners.I would not give anyone a dime until that build is brought to spec.

No jerkiness or disrespect detected, Roofmaster… I get it. And thanks!

Got the owner and company out today… They were shocked. Completely apologetic, and immediately stated that they would be tearing it all off, and that they were going to have to start from scratch. He said he was going to make sure this was done correctly, and to my satisfaction… that they were going to do this right, and that I had to be happy. He pulled nails from the field, and could not believe they used 3/4 inch nails. First thing he said was, these nails void the warranty and won’t keep these shingles on the roof. He also couldn’t believe how bad the valleys were. I really got the feeling that they were as bummed as I was with the end result, and that they intend to make things right. He made no excuses, and didn’t try to play anything down… he was very stand up about the whole deal.

I appreciate all of the feedback, the advice, and the brutal honesty! I had a feeling things were very bad… and your comments were of great help to me, so that I could better understand what I was dealing with… and how to deal with it.

I’ll let you know how it goes next week… and I wish a happy holiday to all of you and your families!
Thanks! -Alex

Something that strikes me odd is this.Who was the knucklehead who ordered those nails?
Was the roofer suppose to supply the nails for that contractor?

If I had to guess, and this is purely speculation, perhaps this contractor is a bit overloaded and hired a sub he had no experience with to replace your roof.

I believe it would be okay if you allow him to replace the roof completely. However, were it my house, I would demand that he be present 100% of the time for the entire job. I would also demand that he provide you with a documented 10 year workmanship warranty.

You seem like a very reasonable and level headed guy, sorry you had to have this experience. Best wishes for the end result turning out well for you.

Thanks, Authentic! I have no reason to believe that things will not work out. But if they don’t… I’ll kill the guy. Kidding… :wink:

Roofmaster, no clue… maybe it was a B.Y.O.N. kind of affair…

Wow, that california valley on a mansard is a first for me. :lol:

Though I am glad that they are willing to make it right.
Let us know how it goes.

check the company out first . meet the roofer they will send to your job. ask questions. check their work and BBB, check the net, better safe than sorry. have clause in your contract for the job to be inspected prior to final payment or have full time inspector on the job if you can afford it. the pics are so bad i started laughing, no offence but the workmanship is a joke.

Horrible job period. same crap different company. everything is wrong and will not be in a warranty.