Roofer left huge mess

Our new roof is 2 weeks old. Last week we had a company out to give us a quote for added insulation. It was then discovered that our attic is now full of old roofing materials. We had 3 roofs removed and there was no plywood. The original roof was wood shingles. Much of that is sitting on our insulation. The insulation contractor said it was a potential fire concern (wood shingles laying over canned light fixtures) and we can’t add more insulation with the mess. We called our roofer and he sent a young man out (1 person) to clean. A total of 50 minutes was spent removing three roofs from the attic. You can’t tell anything was even done. This young man told me when he left that it was unfortunate we had someone out to the attic or we would have never known. Most people never see inside their attic. When I mentioned a fire hazard he just shrugged and said he didn’t know anything about that. Is this normal roofing practice on a home that didn’t originally have plywood? Or should the roofer be held accountable and clean up the mess his crew left? Thank you for your time!

No, we do not clean out tiny scraps inside the attic that fell in
Due to no decking.
We take every precaution to keep it out, but it is impossible.

Just like we do the ground.
We dont just let our trash hit the ground.
We carry all the trash across the roof into the trash container but not every scrap of material makes it there.
Some light trash blows onto the ground
Onto our tarps.
We are able to clean it up.

No, we dont tarp attics.

No, i dont believe you have three roofs inside your attic ( 10 tons of roofing material)
Not at all.
I’ll bet it is messy though.
If they would have let any heavy stuff fall in,
It would have knocked your ceiling down.


What Rooflover said, you should have been told beforehand though so you could do some preparation.


Yeah some stuff is going to fall in,and there is no way they dumped all the garbage into your attic.
3 layers on a regular house will fill a 10yard bin to the top.

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I’m a bit confused. Are you saying its now cleaned up after the 50 mins or there is still a mess? Post a pic and we’ll tell you if its reasonable for a roof with no solid deck.

Everyone has a valid point. There was no decking to prevent any fall through. The fact that they sent someone back out to clean up again says alot for their business practice. There is no way to prevent fall through of any kind. If you are still unhappy with the clean up and feel it is an unreasonable amount, take documentation and send it to management of the roofing co. Sounds like they want to keep you as a happy customer but there has to be some understanding on your part for their troubles in no provious decking and multiple layers. Hope you get the issues resolved.

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Thank you all for your thoughts. My son-in-law has decided to do a bit more clean-up, make sure the canned lights are debris free, and call it good.

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