Roofer lost their license - need advice to make ends meet

Hello all! I’m writing on behalf of my father, a veteran roofer that just had their license taken away. His only crime was not keeping good personal records and getting mixed up with the wrong people. But that’s a long story.

He’s very knowledgeable of the field and does honest quality work but without a license his hands are so tied it’s difficult to see how he will continue to make a living.

Have any of you roofers out there been in or know someone who’s been in this situation? How did they get by until resolving the license issue?

Kind regards

Most folks that have their license revoked end up working for another roofing company in whatever capacity they can handle. Ignorance is, as I am sure you have heard, not an excuse. Choose your friends wisely.
Good luck.

Yes, very true. Thanks for the feedback.

If anyone else has ideas or some stories to tell, i’d love to hear them.

He could consult an attorney.

He could have someone else, such as you, obtain the license and then work under that license.

You didn’t provide details of the circumstances or advise where this is at, do it is difficult to offer much advice. Don’s advice probably makes the most sense.

More background into the reason for loss of lic would help. Did he allow other people to work under his lic and they screwed up and it came back to slap him? That is a quick way to lose your business. Hopefully this wasn’t the case.
I agree with Authentic, who agrees with Doni, that he should work for another company until he gets back on his feet.

From what i understand now, it’s his insurance/workman’s comp that he lost. which caused his roofing license to become inactive. So currently his only active license is for general contracting. We operate in California and it’s a big convoluted mess with State Fund. Very hard to get anything done through them, the channels for communication are fairly limited.

In any case, it’s a long convoluted story but the good news is he has options. Just might have to accept the consequences.

Thanks all for your input. If anyone else out there wants to chime in with something i’ll listen but otherwise will consider this topic closed.


As a general contractor in California you can claim self insured. You can also install roofs under a general contractors lic as long as you are also doing 2 OTHER trades. Ex, attic insulation, installing smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. There are many legal ways around this. State Fund is no longer the only company to insure C-39’s. Im not sure what the other one is, but it does exist. My State Fund liaison told me that a lot of companies are switching.

Good morning. this is my first post, but it is a subject that is on my mind often, as well as gets me worked up somthing feirce. It is insane that we need to ask, and pay for permission, to work. Above that, we have to be revenue agents for the armed thugs. It really keeps a lot of people from being able to rise up to a better station in life. That said, I know several people here, in Wa. State, who stay busy without a license, and insurence. Some of them make more money than I do, and do not have to pay the outrageous insurence prices that I do. The main thing is that you have the confidence of your customers. House flippers, and landlords work on a pretty tight budget, so they are usually looking to save some money, if you can assure them that it is not your state license that makes you a responsible, competent tradesman, but rather your ethics, than you can make it work. Calif. is a harder state to be licensed in, so I would think that would make it more common to see unlicensed contractors. Word of mouth is the best way to advertise, and the safest as well. I know several illegal aliens that work that way in Los Angeles, and they stay busy. Any work that is really exposed to a main street, as well as new tract work, is best done on weekends. I have edited this message several times, and condensed it to this still very long mesage. I could go on all day about this, it really upsets me that, 1 we need a license in the first place, and 2, that a man can do his job, and stand by his work, quickly making correect any mistakes, and being a good solid tradesman, but if paperwork, and quarterly filings are not performed, or he provides a job for someone in need, and cannot pay huge hourly price, almost $8an hour for workers comp here in Wa, he can lose his license. I had labor and industries roll up on my job last year, and the guy kept saying they are there to keep it fair, and an even playing feild for those of us who have a license. I asked him, would it not be easier to do away with the licensing, and requirements, then everything would be equal. He was not amused. If we lived in a free, and equal market, leeches like him would not have job. good luck to your father, I feel for him.

In Maine there is NO Licensing for roofing contractors BUT sorry to hear that …

No licenses required in Texas… lots of work…