Roofer Recs in Philadelphia Area

I have another thread detailing my roof issues. I’ve been in the process of gathering roofer recommendations and scheduling appointments for estimates. Does anyone have anyone that they would recommend in the
Philadelphia area? I have not seen anyone on here from there.

Where are you? I operate in Bucks and Montgomery counties.

Looks like a Lehigh, or Northampton county house?

I’m actually in Havertown outside of West Philadelphia; the Route 3 exit off of 476.

Holencik roofing may service your area. Lefty used to post on here quite often, but hasn’t been around in a while.

Thanks. They are actually a good distance away from me, but I just sent them a note asking about their travel range.

Just go visit the local shingle supplier, find the sales manager and ask him for 3 companies they recommend for the type of work you require. Then do your due diligence on each one. Ask the one you like the most to take you to a customers home so you can see the work AND speak with the customer about how it went.

No guarantees, but that is a pretty fool proof method IMVHO.

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[Al’s Union Roofing] company in Philadelphia, good guys, doing
roofing repair, installation, replacement, consultation, also working with commercial buildings

11 years late, bud .


That person who asked may be dead by now. LOL