Roofer says I owe small additional amount now at completion

I had a roof put on my house a few weeks back. The roofers did a very nice job though some of you guys might disapprove because the actual installers are an immigrant crew. Hopefully not.

Anyway, everything went fine.

The contract I signed says the following:

"If the existing number of roof layers is more than the number stated above, there will be an additional charge of $35.00 per square for each additional layer depending on roof pitch and access.

If decayed roof sheathing or framing needs to be replaced, there will be an additional charge of $45.00 per piece of CDX plywood and
$2.25 per lf of board sheathing. You agree for us to make the necessary repairs within a limit of $250.00 without further approval. If the
price exceeds $250.00, you will be contacted before further work is done."

Then it goes on to talk about the choice of shingle and the shrubbery being covered and all that stuff.

They priced into the job the removal of two solar tubes and they did that. When they arrived at the job site, they brought two sheets of plywood with them. I asked about these sheets. The site forman told me, this is what we brought to do the solar tube patching with. We’ll use a half sheet for each tube and if any is left we’ll have it for another spot. I said ok, are those being charged on top of my price. He said no, we put two sheets in the job because we knew about the solar tube removal. I said great, ok.

I never got anymore paperwork from them. When I got my insurance settlement check back, I mailed them the full payment based on the previous invoice I had received.

I just got a call saying that I owe another 35 dollars for additional plywood repair. I explained that they only use 1 and a half sheets of those two sheets and when they left that half sheet went with them so as far as I was concerned, I didn’t owe them anymore money.

He says, no, its really 45 dollars per repair not per sheet and this was an additional repair spot. but that they “for some reason” only charged me 35 dollars.

I said I never got any updated invoice and I paid based on what I owed them and what work and materials I saw “per the contract” and I don’t feel like I owe them any more money. He’s gonna send me a copy of the updated invoice, not sure why I never got it.

Regardless, I feel its paid and done with at this point.

I live in South Carolina.


Sounds like it could have been a misunderstanding.

I’ll say this, either you or the contractor should step up to the plate. Blowing off $45 shouldn’t be much to the contractor. Likewise, if you are pleased with the job an extra $45 shouldn’t be worth quibbling over. Now, if it was a few hundred I could understand.

With that said, sometimes I realize it is a matter of principles. Still, you should pick your battles and I don’t know that a battle with a contractor over $45 is worth the effort.

I would say that your paid in full. You mailed the RCB payment per contract price.

If the contractor had a change order they should of sent an updated invoice or called you or stopped by etc… Did any of this happen? Plus they took the other half of the plywood sheet with them. They are also charging an odd price for the repair which to me is a red flag.

My eyes starting hurting when I read the long post. But if I understand it correctly, the roofer never provided a final invoice nor did they show you any pictures of a damaged sheet of decking they replaced. With that said, I’m not sure how they have a valid claim for the additional funds.

I am amused that the roofer would even send you the invoice for the 35 bucks. If I ever accidentally undercharged someone 35 bucks I would just forget about it. I can make more moving on to the next job and continuing progress than I can chasing down 35 bucks. Sounds like he needs to charge more LOL

Guys, I hate raising an issue of something like this. Maybe I’m being a hipocrit, because on one hand, I’m thinking, I just wrote this company a check for 6,500 dollars. They didn’t have to call me to get their money. They didn’t have to invoice 5 times. They didn’t have to threaten. They didn’t have to take monthly payments or any such thing. (Point is, in my business, we are always owed money and having to ask. We probably run 250,000 owed over the last 6 yrs, and at least 100,000 of that we’ll never collect.
So, when this roofer got his check, to pick up the phone and call me and ask for 35 bucks just plain ticks me off.

What further angers me, is that I was very clear before the contract was signed, was that the insurance was paying based on a fixed price. I said, if theres anything extra, it needs to be included NOW, because the insurance was VERY clear that once the work began, that that was it. No more money would be added to the claim. This was right when I saw the first estimate that showed this possible added money for damage was quoted in the last email.

I emailed him back and said there is no need for that because I’ll be at home while you do the work so if anything comes up you can talk to me on the spot. No issue of trying to contact me at work to approve other damage.

I was told by the site forman, that they included 2 sheets of material in my price for the two solar tubes they filled. He stated, so if theres any other damage, we’ll use the rest of these sheets.

The work was finished, done, and I sent the completed work docs to my agent to approve the other check. Never got a new updated invoice sent to me. And now calling me saying I owe 35 bucks.

This is a big company too. I think they are smaller than they used to be. But they used to have about 60 employees. A sales guy sold me the job (he’s the one calling), they had a job site foreman that watched the crews. If they needed anything, they came to him. They both have a boss to answer to. There are other salesmen and other site foremen.

This is not a two man and a ladder operation. I can’t believe they are asking me for any more money.

The foreman was right in that it will only take a full sheet to fill in the solar tube areas. And he was right that he said that there is no extra charge.

But he did use 1 1/2 sheets, which means they used a 1/2 sheet for an unforseen repair. They are not obligated to tell you about the repair (initially)because it states in the contract they could do the work w/o approval. So you are being charged the $45.

It is always a courtesy that I provide to the home owner the info if there are any problems. Immigrant workers don’t like talking to homeowners and some times company want thier leaders to avoid ho’s as much as possible (more like an order if you will!)

first of all, there is NOTHING wrong with immigrant workers. (unless you mean illegal criminals, but thats another topic)

Second… I spent $40 on lunch today for two of us.

Why is EITHER party having this type of conversation? Seriously. Either sack up and tell them to screw off, or suck it up and pay it.

You even took the time to register on here, make that long post, read replies, type new responses… I guess your free time is a LOT less valuable than mine. lol

P.S. I’m just bustin your chops, dont take any of that too seriously.

Its the principle of the thing is what it is.

I was already registered here before posting this topic.

I understand that they charge more if the use additional material.

The thing is,when they arrived at my house, they brought two sheets of plywood with them. The site foreman (American who is directly employed by the roofer) told me that those two sheets were already priced into my job. Therefore, it is my position, that I owe them no more money.

The contract says 45 dollars per piece. I take that to mean per sheet of material. So, if he wants to charge 35, then since they left with half of one sheet that I already bought, then I say deduct 22.50 off that 35 he wants or they bring me back the half sheet (of course they wouldn’t do anything that silly).

The guy who called yesterday tried to say its 45 per repair. That makes no sense cause what if a repair was a 1/5 of asheet, or 5 full sheets, I bet ya they’d charge me 5x 45 for that right? SO its 45 per SHEET and I paid for the two sheets that they didn’t fully use.



Outlaw, I can’t believe he called me either. I’m sure you can’t believe I bothered posting about it. That’s fine. Its the principle.

He wrote me an email this morning saying that he spoke with the site foreman and blah blah, they did do a repair (But still within the two sheets I bought) and he looked forward to receiving my 35.00 check.

When I sent my last check in I sent a copy of the only invoice I had, wrote the check for that amount and wrote, this is for the complete payment of my roof installation. I see this morning that they cashed it yesterday so as far as I’m concerned he’ll get that other check about 2 days after hell freezes over.

I thought I made that very clear yesterday when I said, I feel pretty firmly about where I stand that you’re paid in full. He must not have fully processed that. Either way, he wont be getting 35.00 from me.

It appears obvious that no matter the outcome of this issue, you wouldnt ever use or recommend this contractor again.

And it’s also obvious- he just doesnt “get it”.

He missed a great opportunity, in my opinion. He should have told you about the extra $35 worth of work(which is nuts to begin with) and then explained how they were not going to charge you for it.

That is the cheapest advertising/referral/reputation boost you will EVER find.

I almost always throw in something that I can mention to the homeowner that is of little cost to me and isnt in the contract scope. One referral from a customer will pay for a hundred $35 repairs.

That being said, I sure am glad so much of my competition is just like that. They make it soooo easy.

Assuming all the info you have provided is accurate, this contractor dropped the ball a few times.

This is a pretty simple read between the lines. This roofer wants to be able to say the homeowner screwed him over. We can only guess we know why from this thread, right?

The roofer won this one for a measley $35. Homeowners almost never get one over on this elite group of professionals who have seen almost everything at some time or another.

Gary, I am not sure what you’re even trying to say in your last post.
Please do clarify.

I thought this roofer did a great job, and did what they said they would do. I’m just appauled that they would call me asking for 35 bucks.

The email this morning was even more dumb because after he had time to think about it, he still thought it would be a good idea to say they look forward to receiving my check within a week. HA!

I did not go with the cheapest price nor the highest. I went for the middle with a company of some size who had a reputation for good work. Also, they installed it such that I have the GAF 20 year system plus warranty which is supposed to amount to something.

Question is, if I have an issue, under the first year warranty or from the manfacturer will I have to go through this bozo and have them play the “you nevver paid 35more dollars, so its not warrantied by GAF” card???

This is too dumb to be real.

Sounds like you chose to “sack up and tell him to F off”.

good job.

Yep. Send the check with a note saying “thank you for the good job you did on my roof and it is unfortunate that 35 dollars cost you many thousands in referrals from me. Take care and don’t spend it all on one tank of gas.”

I havn’t spoken to him since yesterday. I just saw the stupid email this morning.

The last thing I said was I feel pretty firmly about my position that I am paid in full here.
I was trying to remain professional, but he may not be able to understand that. I am gonna wait a few days and see if he calls me again and I guess say IN so many words that no check will be mailed.

Could you coment on my GAF warranty concern? I don’t wanna get hung by this dummy with the warranty on my roof, though I don’t anticipate any problem because the crew did a great job.

H/O and roofer…what a joke…35 bucks…sshhss :roll:

I know I only register that warranty after I receive all payments.

According to you, you have paid in full and according to him, you haven’t.

Although you have to be “the bigger person” it is only 35 dollars. Is your 20 year warranty worth an extra $1.40 a year for 20 years or no?