Roofer stole my gutters

Can a roofer come back on my property and remove the gutters and down spouts that he put up over a dispute on the quote verses the work that he did not do. Gave him a thousand dollars cash for a $360.00 job completed. Got quote from other roofer!

We need more information. Situations like this usually have two completely different stories.


Hmmm, let me see if I’ve got this straight. You excepted a bid of $1000.00 for roof/gutter work. You feel as if he didn’t perform all of the agreed upon work, so you didn’t pay him the full amount. The handy man got upset so since he didn’t receive what he felt was owed to him he came back and removed the rain gutters and downspouts. Then you received another bid and the new person said the work would have been only at a cost of $360.

  1. Bids vary by person for a number of reasons; quality of workmanship, materials, overhead, greed, etc. So this is a mute point.

  2. If you received a signed contract stating what was to be completed then its easy. Take him to small claims court.

  3. NEVER pay cash. This way you have a record of what was or was not paid.

REALITY: Was this an unlicensed handy man? No contract? This is a common occurrence and why us licensed roofing professionals stress the importance of hiring right. You probably thought you were saving money by choosing this guy, but look what happened.
If this was a licensed contractor and you have no contract then all you can probably do at this point is to leave negative reviews on BBB etc.

Oh and NEVER pay everything upfront!!! Fastest way to never see your terrible contractor again.

For sure need more info here… gotta say going back and removing gutters for a job not paid for is… awesome. Id love to go remove the shingles, tiles, whatever after getting some b.s. story from a home owner who all of a sudden decides that their insurance company was “overpaying” me. Not saying thats what happened here but I bet theres 2 good sides to this story.

To answer the OP, no, I don’t believe he can legally do that, especially if there were gutters there to begin with. What’s he’s done is change the situation from him suing you to get paid to you suing him for removing the gutters. What he did may qualify as malicious trespassing and theft. Check with your attorney.

Binding Contract?

If so, shut them down. ASAP. We need helping clearing the Industry name of these jokers.

If you exchanged money without mutually signing a legal agreement… there is nothing you can do. Please do your DUE DILIGENCE whenever dealing with a contractor, unfortunately it is crucial these days.

Not true. A verbal contract is legally binding. If you have no witnesses, proving your story may be difficult. That’s why they have judges.

Hey although it happened last year is there any update on your situation? It would certainly mean a lot if we had some more info, guys from your story are ruining the roofing business.

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