Roofer used permanent marking chalk instead of water soluble

My roof was replaced January 25, 2016. I can see part of a valley out my upstairs window beside the garage and noticed out of the corner of my eye this pink stripe going down where the shingles were cut. My shingles are charcoal. That’s not the only line I’m told. Had it inspected and it looks to be permanent chalk instead of water soluble. Called the roofing company and they said they could put a solvent on those lines but I think that’s a bad idea given other issues and less than qualified personnel they sent out. Should I just forget about it? I think the company should offer compensation for their mistake but they will not unless I allow them to try and fix it with the solvent. My better judgement tells me that i should not let them do this.

I paid $17,000.00 for this roof and it should not have happened in my opinion. It’s a GAF timberline natural shadow shingle.

What compensation are you looking for? Pain and suffering from the pink stripe?

I have to be honest. Whenever I hear the “I deserve compensation” thingie, that just sounds like someone negotiating for more of a discount.

First, I would guess (and it purely is a guess) that over a couple of seasons, the pink lines will fade to nothing.

If your patience won’t withstand that, I would ask to speak with the Owner of the roofing company. I would ask what solvent they propose using and to reference the source they are using that says the solvent will work without damaging the shingles. I do share your concerns over that. But if that checks out, why not offer them the chance IF IF IF they put in writing that they will repair any shingles damaged by the solvent over the next ten years. If they’re so sure of the solvent, that doesn’t seem like much to ask. I’d be concerned the solvent could leach the dye out of the shingle and/or affect the adhesive bonding the granules to the base.

The solution that I think may make the most sense is require them to change out the shingles that are damaged by the chalk (assuming there aren’t too many of them). It sounds like it is a very new roof so there shouldn’t be any color mismatch issue.

My comments about the compensation aside, I do agree with you that the roofing company needs to fix the problem. You didn’t accept that your finished roof would have pink pinstripes. I agree with the roofer they have the right to correct the problem in lieu of compensating you. You should throw out a number if that’s what you really want, they may decide it is cheaper to give you a few hundred versus fix the problem. I think a competent contractor proud of their work would feel strongly about fixing the problem. I might also compensate you with a gift card for dinner for two or something at a local restaurant.

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I feel that you should just live with it (I really can’t imagine the excess chalk in a valley cut line being very noticeable), it should fade to nothing in a season or two. Or allow them to fix it. I don’t think you should recieve compensation either.

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i think that’s good advice and I’d really rather just forget about it. It’s been 5 months since the roof was done and I also had new gutters by the same company that sounded like they were coming off the house during a storm. They had forgotten to fasten some brackets as well as used brackets too large for the gutters and they were not holding. Had to have those redone. Still waiting for screens that were torn to be re-screened. They lost my screens, I was just told, and will need to buy new ones. They left so many cellophane strips stuck under the shingles the roof looked like ocean waves in the wind and on and on.

So the chalk lines served as the straw that broke my patience. I had had enough of these little mistakes.

That being said because of your honest response, although the compensation thing hurt my feelings a wee bit, I’ll call them on Monday and let it go and hopefully we’ll be done.

Pink is my favorite color after all.

I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings, I apologize. If you sat at our end for awhile, and see some of the crap that goes on, I think you’d understand.

I would say you were unfortunate to hire a really mediocre contractor. Not bad enough to really get nasty with but not good enough to be satisfied with either. If you did anything wrong, you were too patient and should have put your foot down and made demands quite some time ago. At this point, consider giving them a bad grade on Angie’s List, BBB, etc. to hopefully save other people from experiencing their mediocrity.

Thank you so much for that, but I really did need to hear that from a roofers perspective. I just thought this company needed to be held accountable at this point but I understand now that my own character would have been put in jeopardy and there is nothing worth that. A lesson learned.

Thanks for making me feel better.