Roofers are getting noticed!

Please check out this wonderful article on this awesome trade. … n-roofers/

Weigh in on the topic in the “Water Cooler”, they would love to hear from all roofers.

Have a great day!!!


Opps! I forgot to link the discussion board. … #post66652

Please share your roofing stories!


everyone looks up to roofers & roofers are always ontop!

Are there t-shirts for that corry? That is good!


how about “Roofers are better ontop”… :mrgreen:

Ok, someone needs to get a line of t-shirts going!

That is funny stuff! :smiley:


We’ll take a leak off your roof.


roofers get up everyday…

Don’t go to bed with a drip… call a roofer.

I wish I could come up with a good one.

Roofers have shingles??? No, no, no…ummmmmmmm…dang-it! I just can’t think of one. I’ll get back to you. :wink:


roofers will fill in that wet hole for


Co-ed naked roofing, lay’em down and nail’em.