Roofers damaged vinyl siding

Due to storm damage I had my roof replaced one month ago. The roofers damaged the vinyl siding on every wall if my house. Then they put some greasy substance on the tar stains and it left my house looking like someone through grease on it. Then the roofing company came to clean it and now I have two-tone siding with several patches that look like they’ve been bleached. I think I’m going to need my siding replaced. I’ll post pictures I took yesterday. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Could try power washing it sometimes vinyl siding gets a little culk like on it. If it still looks like that I think it’s by Benjamin Moore there’s a paint called Stix I swear to God you can paint glass with it and then paint over it with latex paint we painted ceramic tile with stixs and then put latex paint over it 5 years ago. Never truer vinal yet but worth a shot

Yes, power washing might balance it out.
The thing is you’ve got alot of clean spots.

What was the greasy substance

They may have used a cleaner I know wd 40 removes tar. I would use bleach an soap an scrub brush like ones to wash car on pole an see what I get don’t need a super powerfull power washer an do not use turbo head on it

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Magic erasers, use magic erasers, they still leave a clean spot though.

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They said it was some sort of tar remover. It looked like this after they applied it.

The magic eraser like +Axiom said would have been much more gentle.
Now that it’s done there is no turning back.
The siding has aged and the clean spots are not going away for a long time.

Comet and a white towel works the best.

I did the same thing as this picture using some “goof-off”.
Areas where I washed it off right away and wiped it down were un noticeable.

Sprinkle some comet on a white towel in a concentrated spot.size of a quarter.
Use that area for that one tar scratch.

Repeat for each one.
Thank me later.

Dawn dish soap and warm water! Hire a power washing company to use hot water and wash your house.

If you wet your fingers and wipe any spot of the house it probably darkens the siding? Looks like faded vinyl, just wash the whole house.

If it is a reaction from the remover, that looks like standard siding you replace 1 side and use the other pieces removed to “repair” the rest of the house.

Should clean off though!

goof off and a very white & clean rag

Hey, thank you for the question and sharing the information. Washing off whole house is considerate and seems it could give a fair solution. I totally agree with RPGC for his reliable solution. Good luck!

They simply cleaned the oxidation off. No big deal. Just clean all of it

wd-40 will remove anything

well id suggest you call the roofing company that did your roof replacment. have them come out and fix the siding because you shouldn’t waste your time trying to clean off their mistakes.

I agree call the roofer out and he will take care of cleaning it or swapping out pieces. Sometimes a stray shingle will find its way by the siding no matter how well you tarp.
We carry magic erasers with us and it takes most stains right out.

I would like share with you Cleaning Vinyl Siding tips:

It will be easiest to work around your house in 3-5 foot sections.

  1. Fill a large bucket with 4 gallons of water and mix in ¼ cup of laundry detergent.
  2. Gather your cleaning tool, either a brush, mop or wrap an old towel around the head of a broom and secure with duct tape. You’ll want something with a long handle.
  3. Begin by using the hose to spray away any loose dirt and debris. If you have a pressure washer available, that can be used in place of the hose and will likely lessen (or completely eliminate) the amount of scrubbing needed. Be careful not to force water behind the vinyl panels through the seams. That could cause mold and mildew problems that are much more work to get rid of!
  4. Starting at the top, dip the chosen cleaning tool into the soapy water and begin scrubbing away any dirt and debris from the siding. Continue working your way down to the bottom of your section. It is important to start at the top, as the dirt will drain downwards. If you were to start at the bottom, then you would have to re-clean the bottom later to remove the dirt that drips down from the top.
  5. Use the hose to rinse away the soapy water. Be sure to remove all the soap before it dries or it will leave a mark on the siding.
  6. Continue on, repeating steps 3-5 for each section.