Roofers Make Great Adjusters

It’s true.

Roofers make great adjusters. They already know all the ins and outs of construction. And they are not afraid of real, hard work.

Adjusting is tough work, but independent adjusters can be rewarded well for their effots.

Breaking into the business takes a little time. You don’t just get into it and start working right away. And it’s generally not year-round work either. But it’s well worth it in the long run, in my opinion.

One possibility is to do roofing when you are not adjusting.

What do you think?

where im from you have to have a license to do that. to be a roofer all you need is to know how to roof.

That’s true. You do need a license to be an adjuster.

But it doesn’t take so long to get one. And it’s well worth it to get one. Sort of like a driver’s license.

All the best

A really good roofer might know the ins and outs of roofing but they are typically not skilled in the entirety of construction. You should think before you make such bold statements. I have been in the industry for 23 years and I have seen very few roofers that have knowledge of the whole construction industry. Your statement is reckless.

Not every roofer will have a high degree of competence or knowledge in his/her trade, certainly.

The same will be true for individuals in any field.

But whatever knowledge and understanding they do have will definitely serve them well on the adjusting side of things.

Would you like me to widen my initial statement and say **contractors **make great adjusters?

contractors make more money so contractors dont have to be a ajuster. and there almost alway way to busy to be running around for that kind of stuff.

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Sorry, Cindy… I’ll stay here in Austin & continue to build & work my roofing business.

For some people, living out of a hotel room or travel trailer is a great way to operate. But not me.

& As for the suggestion that contractors make more bank than me, I’ll take being a one specialty man any day - makes the contractors & home flippers that I have come to work for always looking for a specialist. Know your specific line of work & know it well.