Roofers Responsibility

I had a roofing company put a tarp over a part of my roof that was damaged during a rain/wind storm. My insurance adjuster told me that my insurance will cover the part of my roof that was damaged by the storm, but the tarp was NAILED DOWN to the undamaged side of my roof and now has damage to those shingles. Is the roofing company that nailed the tarp down responsible to fix the part of my roof that THEY damaged?

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sometimes it sucks to be a roofer


Yes the roofer will replace the damage created by nailing through the shingles. You shouldn’t have to worry.

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The roofing company that nailed the tarp down has told me that the roof was wind damaged on the entire roof. My adjuster and another roofer said the roof was only damaged at the wind damage site (20%) and the other side was damaged from the nailing the tarp into the shingles. The roofing company that nailed the tarp down said they will fix but not warranty. Is this acceptable?

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Did you get authorization from your insurance to tarp the roof prior to that being performed by the Contractor? Was it absolutely necessary for the Contractor to nail down the tarp on the other side of the ridge?

Some Contractors do this crap on purpose to try to force the insurance company to approve both slopes. In some cases, the damage is so close to the ridge it is necessary to nail down the tarp on the other ridge. If a good roofer is really interested in doing all this right and doesn’t have an agenda towards the insurance claim, they could have replaced the shingles, used some ice & water shield or likely used some other approach to making the repair.

Your policy clearly states that you, the policy holder, are responsible for mitigating damages when discovered. Tarpijng a leaking roof is not only a good idea, it is a requirement when discovered. So with everything said, this is a slippery slope you are treading upon. I’d have to see the roof, the damage, the tarp job, etc. to offer more of an opinion. If the Contractor acted in malice and negligence, they likely not only owe you for the repairs, they owe you for a new slope. If they did not, then you’re insurance owes. With everything said, keep in mind the insurance companies are, by and large, a bunch of scumbags. They’ll try everything at their disposal to avoid paying the claims they owe.


Yes: When I called my insurance carrier they told me to get a tarp on the roof until it could be repaired. The problem, according to the insurance adjuster, is that they nailed the tarp down to the undamaged roof side and damaged the shingles. It could be repaired, according to the adjuster, but the two roofers that I have had out here said it needed total replacement. I called the tarp company (also roofing company) and they are giving me an estimate. Their rep came out today and said the entire roof was wind-damaged. This is not what my adjuster and another roofer that I have an estimate from said. I was told by my adjuster that my roof, while old, was not damaged where they put the nails into the tarp. This is so frustrating…I have never had a problem like this. I cannot get on the roof (70 yrs old) and I have to rely on others for correct info. Do you think my adjuster is trying to get out of replacing entire roof…he seemed very nice and gave me max allowable for wind damage to part of the roof without depreciation. Should I have another adjuster look at it?

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I want to clarify: The adjuster and another roofer said: They nailed down the tarp into the undamaged side of the roof and damaged the shingles. Only one part of one side of the roof was wind damaged. I did not know how tarps were put on, so when they started nailing, I was not alarmed. Also, the tarp company had to come twice, because the area where the wind-damage occurred and they tarped, started leaking from the ceiling. They had to put ANOTHER tarp over the old one. They also hammered that one down. I am not a litigious person, but I cannot afford a total new roof and I am so upset because the rest of the roof has 3-5 years remaining…it is not damaged…well, maybe now it is.

Yeah, adjusters smile the entire time they are cheating you. I would recommend you find the most reputable local roofing company in your area that has insurance expertise. Have them meet a second adjuster. Where are you located, perhaps I can recommend someone?

Yes. Olympia,WA. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I am in WAY OVER my little head!

I posted in one of the Facebook groups. Feedback wasn’t much help. Not many guys in your area with great insurance expertise. I’ll let you know if anyone responds with more info.

Got one recommendation. Guardian out of Tacoma. If I hear of any others, I’ll post them.


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He’s got a $10k deductible.