Roofers Success International (RSI)

Wondering why I can not find much info or google reviews for Roofers Success International (RSI)?
They have called a couple times to have me sign up for one of their profit days. When I research them there seems to be very little information about them from third parties. Looking for actual info from those that have dealt with them, thanks!!

Never heard of them.

Their Google listing shows them as permanently closed.

They have called several times inviting me to one of their "Profit " days.

They have called several times inviting me to one of their "Profit " days. They have a web page and appear to have history but there is very little online 3rd party info about them or anybody else interaction with them.

When you cannot find any information about them and see the Google listing showing “Permanently Closed”, what then compels you to seek information on them? Is it a legal matter, are you evaluating using their services, are you delivering a pizza to an office that’s marked as closed? What is your motivation to learn more than what you have already learned and can be surmised from the Google listing?

I am in a roofers forum, not pizza delivery, what you stated about them being closed I literally just heard from you. Them calling me, having an active web page seems to argue the "permanently closed’ online status you speak of. I was merely just inquiring if anybody had experience with them.

If you want better, and more thoughtful answers, then you should disclose why these answers might benefit not only yourself but the community as a whole. Your question seems coy. Them calling you and having an active website is contradicted by GOOGLE, not me.

Again, why are you interested in learning more about them? Can you answer that?

By all means I am not coy. I am interested in their product and how they conduct bisz. Do you have any information about them that would help me and the group? I asked to seek solid information from people that have had interaction with them.

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One of the member companies Rich Roofing also has been mentioned at Durolast seminars and is apparently a Durolast only contractor iirc.

Having looked a bit I am remembering something. When I was at the Durolast seminar where one of the owners of Rich Roofing spoke they mentioned having additional seminars about their business practices. I wonder if that is the same thing just evolved since that was probably 10 years ago.

Thanks for your input, I am not sure, I am probably going to pass on their invite, pretty sure they are selling a coaching service for best practices but I am not encouraged if they know best practices as their own branding seems limited.