Roofers success International?

I just got back from sales training in this new program (RSI)that the owners bought into, any one doing this or had any experience with this program???

I personally think it’s a bunch of smoke and mirrors and am going to leave the company over this. Any one looking for a 1.5 million dollar residential roofing salesman in S.W. florida?

no one huh?

I don’t know much about RSI. Seems like they popped up about 2-3 yrs. ago, heavily advertising in the trade mags


I have never been to a seminar, where I did not learn.

What is smoke and mirrors?

Yes I have been to some of these things. Prosult in Virginia, have also looked into CCN and got a lot of Richard Kallers training tapes to listen to while driving in my truck. Some good tips, but I have my own strange style of sales and it works for me. I droped out of Prosult beacause I could not justify the expence. I do think Monroe Porter is a good guy and you could learn a lot from him. Im just a maverick I guess.

JamesFL, the mastery of roofing sales success seminar is a joke. There is nothing like getting someone in a head lock to sign a contract. Todd Liles was probably you instructor. This is an abrasive approach to selling. For the most part there are systems that are much more effective. I take it you are with the Ft. Myers or Naples crew. If you can do 1.5 on the gulf side you will be able to perhaps double it in Dade and Broward counties. We would be interested in talking to you. I will be gone for the next month but our general manager ED would love to talk to you. Call him 954-826-7300. Yes RSI is smoke and mirrors for the most part. They are real quick to dig into your pocket and then some.

damn jason, make up your mind…NY or FLA? haha


Thank you for your reply, Yes todd liles was the instructor, I quit the company on friday, and will be calling ED this week.