Roofers Success International?

I recently attended one of there profit days. I was wondering if anyone here has any information on them or maybe even become a member. I really like a lot of what they had to say and offer but it is very expensive. I just don’t know if it is worth it or not. I have only been in business for myself for 5 years and really don’t know anything about running a successful roofing business. I just see myself as great installer. I don’t have any employee’s I just do it all myself. I would really appreciate some help from any of you more successful roofers out there. Thank you


OnARoofTop over at roofers coffee shop could help you out. He’s the only person I know who tried them.
I don’t qualify as a successful businessman. Just a flunky.

I also attended one of their “Profit Days”. I was not impressed. As a matter of fact, I was kind of scared…lol. It came across as almost cult like. They were very high pressure. They requested a signature on a contract and a hefty down payment, but would not allow any of the participants time to privately review the contract they were signing. The owner testimonials were given by business owners with little or no prior roofing experience. But, as with anything, you have to dig deeper into it and decide if what they do, not what they offer, is right for you. But, after my research into them, I couldn’t drink the Kool-Aid…lol.


You will find out that a lot of people in these forums get all revved up
when this topic comes up. Just remember, you have to be a member or talk
to one to even have a clue as to how valuable the membership is.
The Expo’s are usually 4-day events.
I believe you can go to the first day, and
if you don’t like what you see, then you don’t pay a dime and you are free to leave.


I am always extremely wary of high pressure selling tactics as well as those deals where they are unwilling to divulge much information until they have your money. Let’s be clear, roofing and business have been around a long time. I seriously doubt this company has a list of “magic bullets” that will suddenly lift the veil of ignorance and reveal all.

I suspect what they offer is a lot of common sense business advice someone could get on their own with a reasonable amount of research and networking. This is likely the reason they refuse to reveal much before they have your money because in the end, they may not have all that much to really reveal.

With all that said, I believe most of us all can use outside consultation, training, etc. and very few invest in this to the degree they should. I suspect one could get a reasonable return on their investment if they fully utilized this company’s services.

Hi Authentic Dad,

All of the sales systems, marketing pieces, etc. etc.
are copyrighted and trademarked. For good reason.

If you go to profit days…it is an event were non-members get together to see what RSI has to offer.
You will get a real good idea of a lot of the things offered.
I believe if you go and you don’t think it was worth your time, they give you 100.00 towards your travel expenses you spent to get there.