Roofing an essential business?

With the coronavirus going around and states putting "stay at home orders’ can roofing companies still operate. Families can’t stay safe at home after all with damage on the roof or even worse, active leaks.

I’m pretty sure we are, just checking in with you guys. I’m in Arkansas.

Thanks guys!

Its essential!
And its essential even if it wasnt deemed essential.

All private work is essential for a man needing to feed his family.


Not where I live,no more reroofs after midnight.
Repairs and new construction houses that were already started. If they have a footing permit they can build,but no more houses.
They fined a guy 100k for having a barbecue with 20 people not far from here

I believe essential businesses are defined by the Governor’s order and vary state to state. We’re in 3 states and construction has been classified as essential in all 3. That’s not to say, as this thing progresses, the classifications won’t become more detailed. We are providing repairs and roof replacements but not being aggressive with what we do. We are maintaining social distancing and using Docusign to have Customer digitally sign contracts and documents. We have already done a job or two, start to finish, without having met the Homeowner face to face. Zoom meetings are a way to make that work.

Strange circumstances require strange solutions at times.

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What state are you in? We are fine to operate although it is getting challenging with OSHA. It’s hard enough to make sure your guys are tied off properly much less 6’ apart on the ground. It’s not just the fine but the fact that Osha will have their nose straight up your ass afterwards. MSDS sheets on every type of caulking you’ve ever thought about, fire extinguishers at the proper height, etc.

For what it’s worth, here is my plan. I am following suit with a lot of other reputable companies in our area.

We have 22 employees. We will allow unemployment for the 2 or 3 marginal employees we always seem to have. Our office staff is all working from home. We will continue to work for another couple weeks with our key employees to clear our current workload. I will continue to bid jobs and do inspections, (we have no estimators or salesman). I will keep my one salaried employee on call for necessary repairs and service work. After this we will send most of our guys home and pay full wages for at least a month if needed. If things are still bad we will encourage them to get unemployment, as a last resort. I have let my main employees, 90% of the company, know that we are all in it together and will do whatever is necessary to keep them in good financial shape.


I’m in Ontario Canada, we just became nonessential as of midnight last night. Repairs and new work only, we shut down 2 weeks ago. I’m partners with my dad whose 67, not worth the risk having him out of the house.

Good luck with everything. I hope your business comes out stronger on the other side.


Where? State . California i guesd

Good guess but it’s Ontario Canada.

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That is some crazy BS Patchup.
It would seem the builders in your area still have a voice, but the existing home owner doesnt because they are not organized to say anything. Makes me so sad.

Many including me are convinced around here to continue
If they stop issuing permits
We will continue.
We will continue to do the roof correctly
And be ready for any “constructive Test”
That is where the city cuts into your completed roof to see that the roofer renailed the decking
, used the right underlayment and fastened it in the pattern that they require.

I’m glad they’re shutting stuff down, hopefully this virus last the 18 months their predicting.
They kept new builds that already started going because there are 45k homes finishing in the next 12 weeks, they dont want to deal with the aftermath of stopping them.

with what program do you have them send you money ?

We operate in IN, AL and NC. There’s so many ways to take payments, can’t list them all. Talk to your Accountant and Banker to get recommendations for what works for you.

Damn patchap! Hopefully it lasts 18 months? We’ll all be living in the woods by then.


If you have a sizable payroll and a competent person in charge fire them if they haven’t already locked onto this. That money will disappear quickly.

Hopefully it doesn’t last the 18 months they’re predicting