Roofing and battling the elements

Hey guys,
I finally landed my first roofing job. I like it. But I am concerned on what I need to do to battle “the elements” of roofing.

What do you guys use to keep the sun off your neck and face? Do you wear shorts or jeans? Shoes or boots?

Also, I have a little asthma and the smell of coal tar effects my breathing a little. Im not inhaling it but the smell of it gets me a headache. I get a little queasy from the smell. I put vicks vapor rub up my nose and it helps.
Do yo guys wear breathing masks to avoid inhaling the dust and fumes? Those chemicals in the tar cant be good for your health.

Anyway I like the job and I want to here your suggestions. They would be very helpful. Thanks.

Go to school?


Wear long pants.

Keep your shirt on.

They make ties for around your neck. Here is a link. They keep your body temperture down. It cools off the blood before it goes to your brain.

Wear a hat it will keep your head cooler.

ask yourself this why do coal miners die from blacklung yet, roofers melt it down and breath in the fumes. then do the research on the average lifespan of a bur roofer.then use what little brain cells you have and go back to school!!!if you told me you had a headache from the smell of pitch i’d tell you …awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww now get back to work.