Roofing as a part time job viable?

Hey boys! I shingle ashpalt roofs and was wondering if its possible or just a pipe dream to work part time as a roofer? Usually if this was a small town I know it wouldnt be possible, but I recently moved to toronto, which is a huge city.
My plan was to apply at big companies and tell them Im available monday, tuesday and wednesdays. I know now I probably can, since its busy till november/december, but Im worried about the winter months if it slows down id only be working 1 day a week.
Should i just get a job unloading trucks or something?
I figure if Im avaiable 3 times per week, Id at least get 2 working days per week just in case it rains.
Im sure some of you guys have your own business and would like your perspective

That schedule could work in my situation, if you can do repairs, big if …
As customer service when I’m out measuring re-roofs there are often just general maintenance items that need done.
I put those repairs on one or two days each week.
I could schedule you those days for repairs.

Personally, if you came to me looking for a job I would be much more receptive to you telling me upfront rather than being one of the one/twice a week guys who always has an “emergency” why he suddenly can’t make it to work. “Hey boss, I can’t make it today, my car won’t start/gotta go to the doctor/forgot I have court today/gotta watch the kids/really sick/death in the family/ect”. I think if you can prove to be an asset to them and have no issue showing up the days you are meant to show up you’ll be fine.

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