Roofing as siding

:shock: we have got a job putting enviroshake on as siding. client has
bought the material anyone out there done this. help!

If you know how to lay shakes it should be fairly easy. One thing to remember is you can’t cut an Enviroshake to size width wise. You have to snap them so making it work at an edge may be difficult.

I see this a lot on barns, and occasionally gable ends. Shouldn’t be much different than installing them on a mansard roof. The manufacturer usually has instructions for such a high pitch (6 nails, use sealant under the tabs, etc). There used to be a product that was fiberboard with a asphalt shingle like face that looked like fake brick. At the corners there was granule coated metal to cover the butt ends, but in your case you could probably just use custom bent metal.

Shazapple, Enviroshakes are a mix of plastic bottles and hemp to make a hard plastic. You use only 2 nails per shake and they have designated nail holes in each piece. And they have their own caps that have to be ordered by pitch (3/12, 8/12 etc.).