Need a new roof on my home in ATL… or so I was told… need to remove 2 layers of old roof, have new one installed and i may even want one or 2 additional skylights -or solartubes since i hear skylights are trouble waiting to happen-
how much per sqr foot? thanks!

I don’t know pricing in Atlanta, so I can’t help you. However, I will ask you why you think you need a new roof, since you stated “or so I’ve been told.” It doesn’t sound like you really believe you need a new roof. So, how old is the existing roof, is it 3-tab shingle, architectural shingle, or something else? Does the roof leak, is it loosing granules, curled and generally unsightly, or what??? If you can post some photos, even better.

Also, before anyone gives you a ballpark price, you will need to tell them the roof slope, how cut-up is the roof, height off the ground, etc. For example, if you have a three-story house with 12:12 pitch that is cut-up with numerous dormers and valleys, and you want architectural shingles; it is going to cost more than a one-story hip roof, with 6:12 pitch, and three-tab shingles.