Roofing Book

I know all of you are roofing professionals out there, but could you recommend a good roofing book for a beginner like me?

certainteed master shingle applicator manual book is great for everything
hit contractor on their site

and its FREE

For shingling, I agree. otherwise it’s NRCA, espeically w/ the construction details for installers, or the specific manufacturer’s guides

I agree and if you pass there test you will become a master applicator. Even tho they basically help you passs but either way you will learn some new things.

Thanks for all the advice!

if you read a book on brain surgury would that make you a doctor.if you really want to learn…go roof. hell they print instructions on every bundle.

If you are looking for a book on low-sloped roofing, this is the one you want.

After you read it, review the NRCA manual. Finally, after you have read both you need to spend a few years on actual roofs so you can learn how to apply what you’ve learned.

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Roofboss wins this thread.

Id prefer on the job learning. Look at the book after youve learned the basics. Ive looked at roofing books at chapters and they dont have things in there that i have come across. Most books well give you the basic but not the secrets and the mastery that some roofers have.
I learned to roof by my uncle who was a framer. He still is the best roofer i have come across. The fastest to. To bad he has a gambling problem.

One of the best books you can get about residential shingle installation is the manual from ARMA (Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Assn). Go to their site and have them send one, or contact you local roofing rep and ask for one. It has lots of good info.

I’ve always just read the instructions on the shingle wrapper! Is there a better way? hehe j/k

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