Roofing Codes

I’m needing some help on getting roofing codes for Washington State. I bought a house and they listed the house as having a new roof well it’s laying on the ground since it wasn’t nailed they used staples across the top of the shingles instead just below the nail strip.
So if anyone can email me a copy of the roofing codes from the International Building Code and the Uniform Building Codes.
I’m going to be taking them to court over this since the roof they listed as new as just put on 2 years ago so I’m just trying to get all my ducks in a row.

Your local building department will have the codes required for your area. Each community has the option to add to and change things as they see fit.

It is available at all building departments I have ever asked and then you “May” have to pay the copying fee for a few pages to keep for your records.


there is no codes.
just common sence.
your shingles must be nailed and nailed
rite depth, rite placement, etc.

Hello… In P.A. there is no inspection for how the shingles are fastened, only for the condition of the deck,and the Ice & water shield,and on the final insp.they look to see that the roof is complete. I see some roofs that I bid on done by someone cheaper, and they get no ridge vent…I think that every roof should include vent…also I would never staple shingles! There is no inspection on the installation of the roof, but if there was that would level the playing field…and weed out the incompetent roofers that high nail shingles(the result is blow off)that never properly seal…


You know their are building codes that are required to be followed.

If a home owner, Builder or previous roofing contractor who can be identified from the paper work or permit application has done the job against the local building code, they may be responsible for making it right.


One town nearby does not allow Gunned Nails, due to the significance of problems they had with Gunned Staples many years ago and it left a bad taste in their mouth and still has not been changed.


many areas do roofin many different ways ,
this is true.
but i say again, codes have nothin to do
with a roof being properly nailed.
or installed for that matter.

it does have everything to do with
getting a roofer, from your neck of the woods.
who simply knows what works and what does not.

you just cant pull roofin out of the box
and follow the instructions.