Roofing coil guns: Which kind to buy,which ones best overall

They all vary in price from about 200 up to about 350 but who makes the best gun performance wise and is built to last?I’m not so concerned about saving money as I am about having a quality nailgun.This built-up/rubber guy needs to know!Thanks!

Hitachi and senco i use,tune ups once in awhile.


I use Hitachi. They usually lasted me about 2 to 2 1/2 years with o-ring replacement every 6 to 9 months. Not that the o-rings were bad at that point just usually maintanance. The weather extremes here go from 20 below to 70+ above and as long as the air was set right there were no issues on that front.


Do all Those Air Nail Guns Mentioned , have Depth Adjuster’s or do You have to Adjust the Air Pressure ?

A few Guns I Noticed didn’t have any Adjuster
and Nails were all over the Place High - Low .

Nailing Consistency - Seems would be a Huge Benefit.

I read Bostitch does have a depth adjuster
I would think Hitachi does too


Last Hitachi I bought was 04(I no longer shingle fulltime) and it had a depth adjustment on it.


We use primarily bostitch rn46 or dewalt. The bostitch has always been a good gun at a fair price. The dewalt seems to be good to soon to really tell on quality. All of our guns in operation have the depth control on the gun. WE have got rid of all the old ridge runners and hitachis. We buy the bostitchs factory reconditioned for $125.00 each. The dewalt cost $115.00 each.

I have a couple hitachi and a couple Ridgid guns. The ridgid is really nice. It has a depth adjuster. It is very comfortable and recoil is almost nothing.

I’ve used pretty much every kind of gun.Hitachis good,Bostich is good.I’ve had great luck with my Milwaukees.The only downfall is the 2-stage loading.Big deal

Senco has depth adjuster and swivel heads on them.

Hitachi NV45AB2

My precious…

i have a bositch and a porter cable and just got a brand new dewalt -the dewalt is nice but brand new (only on its 4th roof) i think its a lil heavy -the porter cable is the one i prefer to use its a nice light gun with good power-
i find as long as you keep them oiled and serviced regularly(replace rubber seals and o rings) they all run great and dont give me any trouble

i did have a hitachi that gave me nuthing but trouble so i sold it to another roofer i know for just a few bucks

Kage - You got My Attention on the Swivel Heads.

Does that Actually Function - to Level the Nail Head
During Far Reaches ??



Kage - You got My Attention on the Swivel Heads.

Does that Actually Function - to Level the Nail Head
During Far Reaches ??


It does so!

Depth adjuster is a joke on older roofs where wood can be almost petrified in some places. There is no substitute for hand nailing. Nail guns are faster, not better.

Yes handnailing is better did it for 15yrs tried a gun,now i use gun for last 15yrs saving my hands as well :mrgreen:

Porter Cable, nice and light, never even a hiccup.

Hitachi also very good, last forever.

Bostich for a back-up gun.

I’ve had good luck with Hitachi’s, Bostitch’s seem to hold up pretty well also.

We run four bostitch never any problems if ya keep em lubed