Roofing Coil Nailers

I prefer Hitachi and have used the older versions of the Bostich N45 but does anyone prefer the new Bostich style and has anyone had or has used the Dewalt coil nailer and do you prefer it over a Hitachi or N45 Bostich?

Actually I prefer the old Bostitch N12’s, but I use a Hitachi daily and it works well everyday.

I use a max but all my guys use bostitch

Tried the new Bostich, switched back to the Hitachi cause it bounced too much and aggravated my wrist.
The DeWalts are nicely balanced but had three of them stop working with maybe a years use. Sent one in and came back same condition. Was told the DeWalts need more pressure. I figured 110psi was more than enough. Took it apart and cleaned it up in the parts cleaner. Put it together and it worked great…for about 1/2 an hour then crapped again. Decided not to mess with it and went back to the Hitachi’s again. Can’t beat em for reliability.

I like the speed that the Bostitch delivers, although it always seems to jam up on me. Always.
The Hitachi is a little slower, but the damn thing never jams. It is a bit heavier, but you have to take the good with the bad.

Is that the new or older Bostich?

My first gun, the RN45 lasted me 6 years with very little issues. I then went through 2 RN 46 in 2 years. Winter was the worse for the RN46, it didn’t like -20 too much.

Now I have a Max, a year and a half and I love it. -27 last december and it didn’t skip a beat. That and you can use it at like 80psi if you had to.
I spent a few moments at a local tool shop that had about 12 or so roofing nailers. 3 were NOT made in China, Bostitch isn’t one of them. Max is.

Max…have had one of them for 2yrs and its still goin…

Max,Hitachi,Milwaukee are all great guns.I’ve had a Milwaukee for 3 1/2 yrs with no probs.I run Hitachis as well with no issues.Super roofers are a very standup gun too.If I had to pick one,I’d pick all three… :stuck_out_tongue:

there is no reason for us to use anything other than Hitachi. for cedar roofs we use makita coil guns.

I prefer the magnesium Bostich. Lightweight and fast. My second choice is the Porter Cable. They only last about a year, but for the price you can afford to replace them.

Anyone try the new Bosch?

I have also used the older version of hitachi but right now i am using hitachi daily, it is working good.

Going by all of your other posts, you are not using a nail gun daily. A hitachi forklift maybe.

I will go for the Bostich N45 because a have used it before but i never used hitachi. :smiley:

I’m a Max SupeRoofer guy.I have an old Ridge Runner(Bostitch) as a spare,but,my 3 Max guns have never needed a rebuild or caused a problem in 2 1/2 yrs. :wink: