Do ya love it, do ya hate it.

I LOVE IT! :mrgreen:

quality roofing for less , working the cities of san diego, chula vista, clairemont, imperial beach, bonita, point loma, la jolla, imperial beach, lemon grove, spring valley, paradise hills, southbay, el cajon, san ysidro, CA we are insured licensed and bbb members,

Q u r character let me tell u! would not be as cool with out ya! :smiley: You don’t have to get all specific about guys and girls. I can handle being counted with the guys after all I can put a roof on just as good and quick as one (if not better - does not apply to ALL guys just some).

I have no problems i like it dont love it bnut its cool. BTW i might be late today had an old customer call and i have to go look at another project she wants done. Sorry if im late but i will go as fast as i can. Thanks.

I do not love it…

I like to chat and share the quality roofing and waterproofing love.

I like input form others around the country.

I hate to be sexist, but I think women doing roofing is a HUGE turn on. :smiley:

I enjoy it, being a small group like this is good, it keeps things reletively…I got that from Aaron, …on topic. And the people on here seem to be very knowledgeable in their fields.

Lets see if we can keep it up.
Acxtually. I have erased all of the other roofing forums except this one and one other. All the other ones didn’t tickle my fancy.

Only me sys and q showed up. AH well it was worth the try.

Sorry, dude, I have been doing bids and stuff all morning. :frowning:

So Pride do you want to set up another meeting of the minds. Maybe it was just a busy day today.

I don’t work on Sunday EVER that’s you know who’s day. See there is this list has 10 rules on it, not working on Sunday is one of those top 10 rules. I don’t make others work on sunday either. I will visit family on Sunday but no money transfers allowed cause that’s what causes work to happen. :smiley:

Anyway I don’t know y I posted that just thought I would let the whole world know what I thought about Sunday. 8)

What time was it at? I popped on about 2:30 and it was empty.

we did it about 11:00 my time g thats like 3 hrs. ahead of pride, but i was having trouble making forum work so we ended up making a conference.
if you would put your yahoo screen name and we all had it in our buddy lists you guys would be better informed… :wink:

we are always in touch since that one day we brought it up, sys is a pc wiz and shes helping me out with my stuff, and pride the sales wiz.

quality roofing for less of san diego rene munoz owner

I don’t have no yahoo screen name, I don’t got no “buddy list”, and I’m on the same time as Pride.

where is it again? lets try tonight

well yea g-tape any changes we just see whos online and send instant message : “hey guys this is going on…” then we hook up…

if youre not on our buddy list is very hard to tell you any changes or plans like today for example…

Aaron get yahoo messenger or if you have it send me your screen name

Aaron get yahoo messenger or if you have it send me your screen name


Hey G the messenger is free :wink:
It’s pretty usefull even if you don’t want to get involved in the sunday chat it’s still a good thing to have. You get a free email addy and website space with the yahoo messenger screen name. You know I never thought about the time zone differences between the lot of us but some of us probably aren’t in the same one.

Sorry i was at clearwater beach. Sundays is hard it is my relax day. Church and beach usually.