Roofing Company wanting to expand

I have been in the home improvement industry as a salesman for 10 years. I started my own business in 2002. I was more a window and siding company that did roofing. I am in the process of transforming my business to a roofing company that does windows and siding.

I have seen gtp discuss sales techniques and would love any roof selling pointers from anyone. I currently use subs but would one day love to hire employees due to having more control and, hopefully, less headaches :smiley:

The biggest complaint I have regarding roofing is measuring (and low bidders that are just hurting themselves and everyone else) these dang cut up homes. I have seen a couple of softwares on the internet but not sure how great they are. I do all my measuring from the ground due to time and my vehicle is designed for samples not ladders.

Also, are there any great books for roofing regarding sales and measuring.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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Width: 100cm, 150cm

Length: 25m-50m-100m

Grammage (g/m2): 80-400

Water-vapor Permeability g/m2, d: SeriesI>3000, Series II: around 2500 Series III: around 1000

Hydrostatic head (pa): >3000

Tensile Strength (N): 105-350(CD) 65-250(MD)
Elongation (N): 68-150(CD) 72-150(MD)

  1. Ignore that prior post… he seems to be on every thread now.

  2. If you’re not getting on the roof for your measurements, you’re either 300 lbs. heavy, physically incapable or just not a roofer. End of story.

You miss a LOT when you don’t go up & will have to start carrying (or ordering) inventory over from job to job. & When you do this, your crew isn’t going to respect your spare parts anywhere near as much as you do.

**Example: You have zero clue as to how many 1½" / 2" / 3" pipes are up there & you now order or have delivered 4 of each for any house. Turns out you only need one of the 1½, two 3" & no others. Your crew either tosses them off the 2nd story roof & they get bent beyond use (or) they simply throw them away. Right there, you’re talking about $ 50.00+ in waste.
**Example part II: You do order / deliver all this, but find out you actually needed FIVE 2" & no other pipe jacks. Now you’ve got to either run to the bring one more to the job site or someone off the crew has to leave & that’s lost productivity either way.

Magnify this times even 100 roofs in one year… sounds to me like you need to learn how to run a roof sketch (I don’t use software; it’s all with paper, a ruler & my Nokia phone calculator) & get a truck so you can sling a ladder around.

I’m not trying to be mean here, just facts of ‘this’ life.