Roofing contractor

I understand the whole condensation issue since we just discovered that we have alot. Two years ago this April we had a new roof put on. The contractor did not reattached the bathroom vent to roof(new vent). We now have moisture and mold. Does he have any responsility for this? Also how can we get the moisture out the quickest?



Get the vent exhausted out the roof again.

He is responsible if there was a workmanship warranty for more than 2yrs,up here in BC we add 10yr workmanship warrantys which makes us responsible,and you said the roofer forgot to do it,so yes he is responsible

that little mistake could prove to be the costliest mistake of his career. :cry:

did the vent go through the roof before?

How can you verify and prove that it was hooked up before, or that someone did not go into the attic and bump into it?

It may be hard to prove after 2 years.

Call them and see what they do about it first.

Proper air flowage will stifle the mold growth and if it hasn’t gotten too bad, it may not be a problem, but better safe than sorry.