ROOFING CONTRACTORS needed! - - Nationwide

Hello Everyone,

My name is Sean Hakes and I am the President for Xiope Media. Please take a few moments to visit

We have been generating a handful of Home Improvement Contractor leads, and we need you! We have leads pouring in on our website, so let me take a quick second to tell you a little bit about our service and how we differentiate from the competition.

1.) All leads are EXCLUSIVE. We do not sell the same lead to multiple contractors, you get full rights to the leads we supply you.

2.) Don’t want a lead? No problem, we will just send it to someone else. You have no obligation to accept every lead we send your way.

3.) Easy to sign up. Yes, we do a background check on your company. We require a current copy of your license and proof of Liability Insurance, but signing up can take place in less than an hour.

It’s fast, It’s easy, and it’s a great way for you to make extra money fast. Please visit our contractor sign up page at:

Mention that I sent you, and I will have my staff cut your start up fee in half, no questions asked. What’s the best part? If you have a good customer satisfaction record, we have no problem with loading you up with more exclusive leads. THIS IS A NATION WIDE SERVICE.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.