Roofing cost estimate 36sq

Can anybody tell me what it would cost to tear off and replace the shingles and deck on my home. The roof is 36 square, 3 tab shingles, and 3/4 inch plywood deck. The house is shaped like a T and has 2 valleys.

I’m not going to do this myself, so I’d like to know what I would be charged for the job.

get 3 estimates and decide…

Let me rephrase that. I would like to know how much I SHOULD be paying. I’ve already had 2 estimates of 12300 and 15000 give or take a few dollars on both.

You’re not really providing enough information. What you are asking is similar to asking if you should buy a car with 4 wheels and 4 fenders for $12300 or $15000. What kind of car, what options, what year, where are you buying it from?

Contrary to what some people think, including some contractors, there is more to a roof than just the shingles. Pricing is going to vary depending on what area of the country you are in, and can even vary greatly depending on what part of a state you are in. There can be many accessories on a roof that will up the price. They all have to be accounted for to give an accurate cost assessment.

I am assuming you are in South Dakota based upon your username. Ice & water shield is likely highly recommended if not required there. That will increase the cost. Properly ventilating the roof will increase the cost. Different types of shingles will vary the cost. A properly licensed and insured contractor will cost more than Chuck in a Truck Roofing. Neither price sounds out of line, although based upon where I am the 12300 price is likely going to be a little low, again, depending on what all is involved with the roof.

Some of the information which is missing is how many pipe flashings, any chimneys or skylights, furnace & water heater stacks, satellite dishes, gutter screens, difficulty of access and slope of the roof. All of these items will influence the price and without knowing this information it is impossible to give you an accurate accessment of cost.

It’s a 4/12 roof, 1 chimney, no skylights, 1 water heater stack, 1 satellite dish, ridge caps for ventilation and 2 of the turbine type vents. No gutter and easy roof access.

Hope that helps.

Redecking with 3/4" plywood is is going to make for a very $trong roof. But the $12k to $15k range sounds reasonable.

and…HOW do you know this??


and…HOW do you know this??[/quote]

Well because kage, 3/4" plywood is a lot thicker than 3/8" plywood, therefor it’s stronger. And it is more expensive, hence the $.

Common sense isn’t so common nowadays…

man you are a dum chit…How do you know 12-15k is reasonable?? you livin in tim buck nowhere and O/P in South Dakota???

my brother in law had his cylinder head replaced on his mitsubishi, the price was great, very low. less than a year later the head cracked and needed to be replaced again, i tore down the entire engine to check it out for him. the original head gasket was reused, he put gasket sealer on both sides, did not replace any seals or gaskets, they were all crispy hard, that is why it leaked oil every time it was running, the oil was sludge, there was a piece of the original head in the oil pan, no oil pan gasket at all, broken windage tray hitting the crank, the hoses were also leaking water and bad, reason for the water leaks.
so what was the real cost of the work the mechanic did on the mitsubishi?
cost versus price?
a great roofer who has low overhead and does his own work might want 50% profit or he might want 10% profit.
a great roofing company with office staff, sales people, multiple owners, large warehouse, newer trucks and equipment, $2,000,000.00 liability per occurrence, job site supervisors, retirement plan, health insurance, sales managers, office managers, warehouse managers, been in business more than ten years, great reputation, service personnel, service managers. would have much larger over head than the great roofer with a truck and no office.
so the question is how much should a 36 sq job cost?

some people are concerned with the contract price, some people are more concerned with the reputation of the company and the quality of the install

So how much SHOULD it cost?

Materials are a set cost, you pick and determine the cost.

Labor for your area should be easy to determine.

Experience and a quality installer is a bit higher than normal labor.

Someone who stands behind the work and is licensed and bonded and insured is a cost by them passed on to you.

Want cheap…No one responds if there are issues after the fact. Install may not be great.

I am sure you can answer your own question by getting 3 reputable contractors who are local and picking one or do an average of estimates.

as i said a couple days ago… get 3 estimates and decide…ask about past jobs and have a look at them, get some references, high price or low price does not always determine quality…

Doesn’t matter where he is from bonehead, he is asking a continent wide group of people if the prices he is getting are reasonable. No different than when HO come and ask for structural advice, every region has differences in codes, but any input is help full, except yours of course.

Boy you really are a Dum chit, you still havent answered…HOW do you know 12-15k is reasonable?..or as usual your Ass-umming again?..which DOES NOT help the O/P…

It’s called mathematics kage. :roll:


It’s called mathematics kage. :roll:[/quote]

soo you used to live in S.Dakota didcha?? I’ll correct myself…“a dum chit Ass-ummer” guessing at prices DOES NOT help O/P…or did it just fly right on over?.. :roll:

I didn’t guess dumb dumb. It would be closer to the $15k mark around here, 3/4" ply isn’t cheap. And I don’t remember the HO asking for South Dakota responses only, so stuff it. :lol:

that shows how stupid you really are…thinkin prices would be the same as your area to his…no wonder there is so many lowballers out there…guys like you who can shingle and then they try bidding just like you did…cant teach stupid is so true in your case…