Roofing Cost in Houston, TX

Hi everyone,
I was approved recently for a roof replacement through my insurance company. The roof is 31 sq and the insurance company approved me for about 12k for the replacement. The roofing company is of course saying this is how much is will cost. Its this price high?

very easy pitch, single story
It includes complete re roof with timberline shingles.
new flashing.
ridge vent installation
new decking for any damaged areas.

I feel that the price is extremely high and should only coat around 8k. What are your thoughts?

Why do you care what the insurance company pays.
If your find someone to do it for 8 and pocket the difference, you are commiting insurance fraud.


If you think it is so high, perhaps you should purchase the materials and do it yourself?

I’m going to say that 95% plus of the time, my estimates are higher than what the insurance pays. Who knows, perhaps you’re in the 5%. I’d say to get 3 quality companies to take a look at it and let the one you like best do it for the insurance claim amount (assuming they will agree to that). Trying to cheap out your roof may be one of the costliest decisions you ever make.


The insurance company will have sent you a detailed form with line items for the scope of work.
There may be other items included such as gutters, siding, window screens.
It has been my experience that the insurance company doesn’t overpay.


I always recommend getting AT LEAST 3 estimates. Don’t automatically go for the lowest bid and think you are saving more, nor go for the highest and assume you are getting a better quality job. I always inform my clients to ask for the address and phone number of the companies last 3 jobs.Should all be within a week, two max, depending on the size of the company. You can use them as a reference. Don’t ask for references or the roofer my give you 3 of his happiest clients.

Compare the bids, don’t ignore the feeling your “gut” gives you about each company, look up online reviews, and remember local is usually better. Don’t higher companies that use subcontractors as there is no, or very low quality control.

Don’t tell the roofing company how much you are approved for!

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You only collect what it cost…so you get it done for 8 thousand…that’s all they will pay you…it’s ok for a contractor to make a profit on an insurance claim…not ok for a home owner to make a profit…