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Hello everyone my name is Raul and I’m in Oklahoma City. I have a full crew consisting of only family with truck and trailer w/15 yrs exp (able to get more crews depending on volume) & we are also insured. I had a few questions regarding getting in touch with contractors. Can I just walk in to their business offering my services, or would it be better to call & make an appointment? If there’s anything else I can do I’d love to hear it. I was thinking of stapling my business car to a sheet with my info and prices for them or is there another way? Any info will be appreciated, thank you!

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Hello Raul,

Are you located at 317 Se 59th St? I’m asking because I was on your site and wanted to get a little more information about what types of roofing you do.
Thank you
Zoya Haydic`
Allphase Construction of South Florida

Residential roofing only, we nail by hand mainly try to stick to asphalt shingles

Call them. Explain that you are looking to grow your subcontractor business and ask if they are interested in talking about your services. Don’t jump right to prices. If you do, those aren’t the contractors you want to work with anyway. If they need to know, they’ll ask you.

Thanks for the info!

Hello I’m a contractor in most. I need subs my number is 417 293 many Sq. Can your crew average a day. On single layer walk on .

average around 35sqs on walkable a day

Can’t say I have all of the experience everyone else has in roofing, but I have a lot of experience in business.

I agree with Jim. Make a call first, but DEFINITELY call around. People are always looking to add good quality subs.

Don’t lead your conversations with price. If you lead with price, that’s all you are. A dollar figure. Lead with value.

Call ABC Roofing (made up company), ask to speak with the production manager or owner. If you get one of those, do as Jim said. Tell them you want to grow your business, and that you want to help them grow, too. Ask them if there is a time you can meet with them and try to set an appointment. If you get an appointment, go to it prepared with pictures of your work and safety measures, insurance and business information, and be ready to discuss pricing.

If they don’t readily set up an appointment with you, or a receptionist or otherwise says who need to speak to is unavailable, ask for their email address so you can send some examples of your work. Send them before and after pictures, pictures that display you are serious about safety. Tell them you have your insurance ready and available.

Companies have crews they are used to working with, so make sure you let them know you aren’t necessarily trying to take someone’s place. When you say you want to take another person’s place, it’s hard to lead with value. You end up just having to beat someone else’s prices. You just want to be an option for their company when the time comes. And if I learned anything from being a vendor, THE TIME WILL COME. They will need you one day, and that’s you time to shine.

Anyway. That’s my two cents on business as it pertains to vendors/subs.

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Hello my name is cameron I need subs pay is right please contact me.417 293 9337 thank you

Need a crew in Dallas area. Do you have anybody you would recommend?


Yes you still needing crews in dalas

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I’m located in OKC too and looking for roofing crew. Contact me at 405-323-7777 or email at

Im a production manager for a roofing company in East Dallas in need of a crew.

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Have a couple crews available. 2 and 3 tab shingle residential work. With dump trailer. We do sub work. We do houses In the D/Fw area only. Can do up to 60 squares a day depending on pitch and with tear off and installation. Monday thru Saturday weather permitting. Quality work. Good site clean provided. # 469 451 9808 Jaime. Txt or call.

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