Roofing Demand in Crossville, Tennessee

Hello everyone,

This is sort of a venting/advice thread. I am in escrow on a home in Fairfield Glade, TN (Crossville). The inspection report showed the roof in need of some maintenance. The roof was installed in 2009 but little, if any, maintenance was done to it, so you can see some cleaning and tiles need fixing. There is old staining on the inside ceilings which the owners never sealed with Kilz and painted. The inspector verified no moisture in those areas that had staining. However, he did note mildew growing in the attic gable area as shown in the inspection report So as part of my workload after escrow closes, I was going to have a roofer conduct a more thorough inspection and perform some maintenance and cleaning. However, due to the building demand in that part of TN no roofer wants to touch a small maintenance job. I was told point blank yesterday by a roofing company that they are temporarily no longer providing basic maintenance service but if I wanted to replace the roof they were interested. That kind of sucks as I am in a pickle to ensure I have roof integrity. I will not be living here and the house will be vacant much of the time, so I can’t be there to detect any leaks that could really create much broader damage if I don’t get the roof in shape.

I am really looking for two things in feedback.

  1. Can you recommend any other means to get the roof maintenance conducted? There is no handyman I’ve contacted that is wiling to mess with a roof (liability). This would be a 2-3k option that I’d prefer because I don’t think I need a new roof. It’s only 11 years old.

  2. If I do get a new roof what do you think I’m looking at in terms of cost (tear down through install plus material/labor, etc.) using a good quality architectural asphalt shingle? I am not sure how to estimate the sq. footage of this roof, but while the home is 3-store (basement, main and upper floor) the roof footprint itself doesn’t seem too gigantic.

And if any of you know a roofer or two in the crossville area who is looking for work (maintenance #1; replacement #2) do tell.



Here are more roof shots

Last image. Only allow me one per post. Just want to give you experts as much visual intel as I could.

First I want to commend you on providing the detailed images that you have. It’s really hard to determine an actual replacement cost without conducting an inspection of my own and obtaining more information.
I will note one concern I noticed immediately was the excessive fungal growth in multiple areas.
This happens more often in the areas that receive less sunlight, which allows moisture to linger and in turn creates the perfect environment for this type growth.
Good thing you caught this, because its something that gets ignored or overlooked all the time. It will shorten the life of your roof if not taken care of.
Something else I saw was your ridge ventilation system was installed at different heights.
Unless each attic section is closed off from the others, this practice isn’t the best idea.
What happens is the lower vent system will become an intake for the vents installed at higher elevations.
Again this is all just looking at the pictures and not in person.
I had a crew working in your area last month and familiar with the area.
I’d be glad to discuss this further privately and try getting you in touch with a reputable contractor close to you that can help you without trying to sell something you may not need.
Feel free to email me at

Hopefully that doesn’t violate any policies by posting that but I’m glad to help however I’m able.