Roofing disaster

I hired what I was told was the best roofing company in town. I paid 30% down in September and had to wait my turn in line to get a new roof. In January they tore it off in one day and covered it with gator skin. The next day they installed shingles about halfway up and left without tarping. By 6pm rain was pouring down inside the living room and into the garage. It poured through the exposed nail holes in the shingles. I called many phone numbers trying to reach someone, and when I finally did it took them over an hour to arrive even though they are local. They tarped it and came back the next day.

Yes, we have some interior damage to sheetrock and paint that is scheduled to be repaired next week. But my question is specifically about putting shingles on wet plywood decking, because the next day they ripped everything off down to bare plywood in the rain (my neighbor sent photos of the wet decking) and roofed it all in one day. I don’t want to pay for a 40 year roof that isn’t going to last because it was installed on wet decking.

Decking is will dry out without any issue. However don’t expect 40yrs out of your shingles, that is marketing b.s. 20-25 is much more realistic unless you went with some of the designer (most expensive) shingles.


I recommend you spam elsewhere.

You “hired” a company that happens to be the same as your username…that’s an odd coincidence…


Well. they only do odd jobs… The company name is GERald AND Carl, maybe?

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There is no way that nail head pin holes made severe leaking in your house. I’ve been doing this for a long time and I’ve left underlayment on for some periods of time and never had issues. You’re problem is elsewhere.

If there is a valley above your garage those is possible if they didn’t seal it properly.