Roofing felt

What is the preferred attachment method for roofing felt, nails or staples?


most common is staples…but it depends on the pitch and how long till it gets shingled.

We will never use staples only buttons “1"plastic cap nails”.

The pitch is shallow and under standing seam steel roofing.

What is the preferred attachment method for roofing felt, nails or staples?

Preferred mechanical device would be a plastic “button” or “cap” nail. But depending on your locale it is common practice to use either.

I use for shingles nails. The head from nails it bigger as staples. It better for quality.

i use a hammer tacker ie staples much quicker

Modern roofing uses a layering system wherein a base of roofing felt is mounted upon a wood roof and then covered by layers of shingles. Shingles mounted in such a manner generally overlap each other with the bottom portion of each shingle mounted to cover the top portion of the next shingle below. This provides a system whereby water running down a roof continuously falls to the upper surface of the next shingle down below its attachment point of that shingle to the roofing felt and underlying roof structure. Since water continuously seeks its own level due to gravity, the water running down a roof never encounters the attache point of the shingle to the roof.

huh…in english please after all we are roofers.

Water does go uphill. You must not have been a roofer for long.

That is a real good explanation…
to a different question.

Tin Tabs with a magnetic tipped hammer tacker (stapler) is the most common format, as stated ^.

Button Caps / Plastic Caps is # 2 & in some states it’s required by code to use plastic caps vs. tin tabs. Then again, it is also variable depending on the inspector you get.

Also, certain synthetic underlayments require plastic caps instead of tin tabs & staples.

Have any of y’all ever seen or used a Plastic Cap Gun? Looks somewhat similar to a nail gun but it brings the nails & caps together from two different rolls into one shot. Expensive!!

never seen that ill use anything to save me five mins lol

Yes i do own a plastic cap nailer It works fine Cost about $400 new its a Hitachi, Thing is that a box of the nails & caps cost about $44 which lasts for about 40 square , Staples are much cheaper but if its windy or a steeper roof 7/12 -9/12 that we are going to walk on we use the plastic nailer as they hold much better than the staples ,also if its windy we use the plastic nailer.

I bought two cap nailers to try out. guys didnt like them they would rather hand nail the buttons.

i have one… works good. but very exp. to use.

I work with BEA air gun. It`s faster as hand-nailing - and cheaper.

And what does this have to do with the guys question about attaching felt underlayment for his standing seam metal roof?

Anyone else notice an echo in here?