Roofing film clip

Watch the short clip located at the bottom of the page:

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Direct Video Link - japoax

Gulp!! :shock:

Looks like way to many guys standing around with there thumb up there butt.

Ya too many guys on the clock doin nothing. I cant belive that none of them were wearing harrnesses.


Unless you have a lift that will get your material up there safely, you need that many guys to get that done with any kind of speed whatsoever.

Awsome job…nice on the back.

What does everyone think the pitch is here? 14/12?

More like 24/12

That looks like a wall with a slight tilt. If there was ever a time to be tied off that would be the time.
I have done some crazy things on a roof but that is just plain stupid.

That is just nuts. I don’t think I have the balls to work on that roof.

I agree get rid of half those guy rent a lift = more productivity. Id roof it bring it on 8)