Roofing gun Poll

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thanks for setting this up.

arent they all manufactured somewhere else, anyways?

we use bostich (where ever they are made?)

The guns are like women everyone likes something different. Some like a thin lady while some like a fat lady. All the same inside but different outside.

can you add bostich?

Forgot about that, I dont know of a way to add it. Thatys the fat lady gun IMO.

I’m not voting. my two favorite guns are not here. I own 4 Stanley Bostitches and one Porter Cable. The Porter Cable is a cheap Home Depot piece of crap. I love the Bostitches but you cant tack paper with them, theyre too powerful. My second favorite gun to Bostitches is a Makita which apparently is one of the cheap chinese pieces of crap youre referring to but it’s lightweight, sets the nails and paper pretty good if you adjust the pressure setting on the gun, and its good for lefties like me (loading wise). What I’m more concerned about these days is these cheap piece of crap coil nails that theyre selling me that waste so much of my damn time jamming the guns.

i own all bostich magnesiums…and experience probably 1 jam per month. i also oil every gun before each use.

Milwaukee makes a gun as well.

dont think they meant the Makita was the cheap stuff, think they meant like princess Auto and Harbor Freight for you US guys that sell a whole other lower lever of tools. You know for 99.00 you get a compressor, hose, air control, air nailer and a free patty stacker.


I betch you’re using Bostitch brand nails, my Bostitch nailers never jam with Bostitch coils, just the other crap I get when I don’t specify. Alternatively, maybe the nails theyve been sending me work better with another gun, thats maybe another possibility. Porter Cable just doesn’t drive the nails from any pressure setting is my experience. Hitachis are similar to Makitas, but for too much price in my opinion.

Makitas, Hitachis, and Porter Cable all try the goal of the lightweight nailer, but Bostitch is on top despite how heavy it is, its a nice gun, grow some forearms. Still beats handnailing as far as work and I dont waste time with it like the others.

Did you know that Porter Cable guns have a depth setting adjustment on the front of the gun to set the nail deeper or more shallow, depending on installation conditions? On warm days, you can adjust it to a higher setting so you dont blow through the shingles, and pressure differences are not an issue, since all of my guns have this feature. It even works for situations when non-matching guns are being used.

Paslode makes a nail gun as well. My father, brother, and Uncle all use Paslode. I use Hitachi as well as my brother and my other Uncle uses Hitachi’s in the Summer and Bostitch in the Winter.

I do 2-3 roofs a week and get less than one jam a month. Every time I buy a pallet of 1 1/4in nails for an extra $2 a box I get a new NV45. A couple times ago I was handed a brand new side load gun and I said I didn’t want it. The dealer went into his show room pulled the Hitachi off the display and said, “they don’t make them like this anymore”. It was the older style with no air adjust and no rubber on the handle. The gun has been amazing. For some reason it seems lighter than all the new ones.

I am sorry guys i can make a new post if you want. Bostich is a good gun but to damn heavy. I know guys that only use there nails from stanley and that thing never jams.

why do you insist o nbostitch being heavy? are you using the old models…the new ones (magnesium) are some of the lightest on the market. and as a replay earlier no i dont use bostich nails…waste of money!! i always use generic. a nails a nail.

hey the guns from around 1982 its a lead weight in my opinion.

My Uncle handed me a new Bostitch nailer a few months ago and it did feel similiar to an Hitachi.

I’m pretty happy with my new Rigid.

hahaha… try a new one you will be impresssed. it also has the adjustable depth on the gun.

I might lay 2 or 3 roofs a year since i do all of the selling. Why would i go out and buy a new gun when the 2 i have work well.