Roofing guns

OK guys SO WHATS YOUR PERSONAL PREFFERENCE ON ROOFING GUNS i,ve went through so many through the yrs of varying brands is there some sweet ultra dependable / consistint gun out there

Max air tools. They made Bostitch when Bostitch had good tools (RN-45).

I have had mine for 2 years now and it is the best one I’ve had yet. Went through 2 Bostitch RN-46 in less than 1.5 yrs, then got my Max. The ONLY issue I have with Max is no grips on the Cap, so you can’t lay your gun on a 7/12 or it’s gone.



The only gun that shoots short nails and long nail correctly and flush is the “Senco” SCN-40, this is the one with the feeder cone. They are not in production anymore, but easy to find in pawn shops. But the recoil is too slow as it does not require any oil for lube.

To make this gun last a life time…I only use it to install my soffett nails as it is the best gun for 3/4 in to 1 inch nails.

The new Titainium Bostich is a gun I use for the field and my ridge and ridge vent. Shoots 1 1/4 inch an longer nail pretty good. It installs a badly placed nail about 15-20% of the time. This ratio is far better than all the other guns out there.

[quote=“bcdemon”]Max air tools. They made Bostitch when Bostitch had good tools (RN-45).

I second that I also have no problems with the gun. I call it my Timex it takes a liken and keeps on ticking, well nailing. :mrgreen:[/quote]

I vote for the Max too! However some of my guys could tear up a flat bar in a sandbox.

you couldnt give me a bostich , never used one that i liked. we use Hitatchi ( however ya spell it ). Have guns that are 8 yrs old & still working good , put a new O-ring kit in them once a year.

I like Max,Milwaukee and Hitachi.In that order

Sadly I’m this way. It can get expensive.

Max now, they never die, senco’s i use to use i liked the swivel head on them,…but it was always breaking down, plastic will do that…


Some day will try out the heavier perhaps more reliable Max.


Some day will try out the heavier perhaps more reliable Max.[/quote]

Hitachi NV45AB2 = 5.5 lbs
Max CN445R = 5.2 lbs

Just sayin :mrgreen:

is that max the one with little to no kick back. if it is not the one i’m thinking of, what gun is the kick back of the max similar to?

Max has very little to no recoil. Until now I’ve only owned Bostitch (RN45 and 2 RN-46) and they have huge recoil compared to Max.

Max also has a built in air filter to keep junk that can destroy your gun out of it.

thats what i thought, no recoil. i tried one a wile back and could not get used to it. you guys that use them think there faster with no recoil?


Just bought a porter cable. Not my first choice, but they were selling the floor model at home depot 99 bucks! Couldn’t resist.

My review…Never had a max or new senco so I don’t know them well, but others I do.

Senco SCN40…Slow re-coil, your arm moves faster than it can put out nails. Reccomend for soffitt instalation as it shoots short nails very well. ** Have four left**

Bostich, titanium…Great for the field, bad for short nails, light and fast. Has adjustable depth Have two left

Bostich, ridge runner…Great power gun for ridge, nose sets at an angle and can throw off your gauge at times. ** Have one left**

Bostich, N12…Better in the field than a the titainium and r-runner, slower recoil, Retired

Hitachi…fast gun, not that great for installing ridge, no adjustable depth, too many nails installed at an angle. Gave it away

**Porter-cable…**slow recoil, some difficulty shooting 1 1/4 at a fast pace, therefore leaving high nails. Trew it away, laborer picked it out of the trash and kept it.

Faster? I don’t know, I used to use the recoil (Bostitch) to lift the gun. I never noticed any fatigue difference with my Max. I did notice a reliability difference, Max is reliable…

Side note:
Nails make a huge difference. Stanley coil roofing nails have a rough/textured head which grabs onto the hammer in your gun, helping it go in straight. Those cheap nails from China have smooth heads, the nail can and will move around while on your hammer, resulting in an angled nail.

Not too many have used it but my favorite has always been a Makita.

They are probably the most expensive but I would gladly pay the extra price.