Roofing Help in Arizona

Hello Roofing Gurus, greetings from sunny Phoenix, AZ. (would you believe me if I told you it has gotten down to 29 degrees here the past few nights?!)

I have come to you seeking advice. I am a college student who just purchased my first home (foreclosure). As you know these types of houses typically need a little R and R. Long story short my roof is leaking and I would like to do something about it.

I have gotten a few quotes from contractors around here and the prices range from $5-12k. Every single one is pushing the spray foam roof with varying methods of application (from -right over old rolled roofing - to stripping and installing a new plywood deck). I understand that the lower end of these estimates are in the ballpark and to be expected. However like I said I am a poor poor college student. I am reasonably handy and the roof is very simple with a very slight incline. I was hoping to try and do this myself with a few friends.

Pique you interest? Read on for the specifics and picture album (at the end)…

About the house: The house is located in Tempe, AZ. It is a single storey 50’s ranch house, about 1300 sq ft, very simple block construction. There is no attic space and it has exposed wood beams inside. So there appears to be no insulation other than the shingles and decking, which is a huge problem during AZ summer.


Right now there is rolled roofing which appears to be a home job of the previous owner. During rain storms I am getting leaks through the roof into the house (collecting drips with pots and pans.

There are multiple existing patch spots on the roof.

Multiple areas where the roofing is ‘bubbling’ or bunching together.

The nails are exposed and rusted and appear to have been driven all the way through the decking (not sure if this is an issue).

Water is pooling near the edge of the roof before ‘rolling off’ and rotting the decking + fascia underneath.

There is no gutters so water is collecting on my front concrete patio and pooling in front of my front door.

Here are some pictures with explanations:

So basically I would love to hear your advice on what my options are. Right now the spray foam roofing is out of my price range. I would ideally like something simple, that I could do myself with help and that would last 10-15 years and add some insulation in the process.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read and give me your opinion.

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